Land Transport Authority

LTA and PUB work closely to ensure adequate drainage system for new stations

Media Replies
17 Sep 2012

We refer to Mr Chew Mun Kit’s letter "Flood worry with more MRT lines" (The Straits Times, 11 September 2012).

When planning for new MRT stations, PUB and LTA work closely to ensure that adequate drainage infrastructure are put in place at the stations. This is done throughout the entire project from the planning and design of the stations to the subsequent construction phase.

Prior to project implementation, LTA carries out an engineering assessment on the drainage in the vicinity of new stations to ensure that new and existing drainage facilities can cater to the anticipated surface water runoff. These assessments are carried out in consultation with PUB and are in accordance with the Code of Practice on Surface Water Drainage. During the construction period, PUB and LTA will conduct regular checks to ensure that drains in the vicinity continue to be free-flowing.

We thank Mr Chew for the opportunity to explain.
Helen Lim
Director, Media Relations & Public Education
Land Transport Authority