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Thomson Line

What is the Thomson Line?

The Thomson Line (TSL) is a 30km underground train line that is expected to be fully completed in 2021.

The sixth MRT line will have 22 stations and 6 interchange stations which will link to the East-West Line, North-South Line, North-East Line, Circle Line and the Downtown Line.

Commuters can start enjoying the TSL from 2019 when the first stretch (three stations from Woodlands North to Woodlands South) will be completed. The second stretch (six stations from Springleaf to Caldecott) will be completed in 2020 and the final stretch (13 stations from Mount Pleasant to Gardens by the Bay) in 2021.

Where is the Thomson Line?

Thomson Line Map

See detailed maps of the TSL alignment

How will commuters benefit from the Thomson Line?

An estimated 400,000 commuters can look forward to MRT stations at their doorstep. They will enjoy savings in travelling times.

For instance, a resident travelling from Springleaf to Great World City will have his journey time reduced by half, compared to an hour’s journey today by bus and MRT. A residents travelling from Woodlands South to Orchard will be able to do so within a 35-minute train ride on the TSL, compared to a 50-minute journey by bus and MRT today.

With the interchanges, commuters will also have more alternate routes to different destinations across the rail network. For instance, a resident travelling from Sin Ming to Outram Park can take the TSL directly to Orchard and have his journey reduced by about 15 minutes.

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