Land Transport Authority

Fares & Payment Methods

About Taxi Fares

  • All taxi rides are metered.
  • Taxi fares are based on a flag-down fare and the distance travelled.
  • Additional surcharges may also apply. (e.g. peak hour, midnight charges)
  • If you call for a taxi, a booking fee also applies.
  • The total fare is shown on the taxi meter.
  • Ask for a receipt at the end of your journey.
  • You may pay with cash, credit card, NETS, or EZ-Link card, subject to the availability of such payment devices in the taxis. An admin fee may apply.

TIP: Always ask the taxi driver at the beginning of the journey if you have any queries about the mode of payment, or if they have change for a big note.

Base Taxi Fares

Flag-down fare S$3 to S$5
Distance fares 22 cents every 400 metres (above 1km-10km)*
22 cents every 350 metres (above 10km)*
Waiting time

22 cents every 45 seconds*

* Except for SMRT Chrysler, Comfort/CityCab Mercedes Benz, Trans-Cab Mercedes Benz, Premier Mercedes Benz and Premier KIA Carnival taxis

Time and Area based Surcharges

Taxi surcharges vary by operator and types of taxis.

Time Based Surcharges

Peak Hour Surcharge

6:00AM to 9:30AM, Mon-Fri
6:00PM to Midnight, Mon-Sun & Public Holidays

25% of meter fare

Midnight Surcharge

Midnight to 5:59AM

50% of meter fare

Area Based Surcharges

City Area Surcharge

5:00PM to Midnight
Mon-Sun & Public Holidays 


Changi Airport Surcharge

(Includes Changi Air Freight Centre)
5:00PM to Midnight (Fri to Sun)
All other times


Seletar Airport Surcharge


Marina Bay Sands

6:00AM to 4:59PM
(Applicable only on Sundays and Public Holidays;
Not applicable to Comfort, CityCab, Trans-Cab, Premier and Yellow-Top taxis)


Resorts World Sentosa


Singapore Expo Centre