Land Transport Authority

Fares & Payment Methods

About Taxi Fares

  • All taxi rides are metered.
  • Taxi fares are based on a flag-down fare and the distance travelled.
  • Additional surcharges may also apply. (e.g. peak hour, midnight charges)
  • If you call for a taxi, a booking fee also applies.
  • The total fare is shown on the taxi meter.
  • If you call for a taxi or book one using other third-party platforms, a booking fee also applies. This fee may be reflected on the taxi meter as well or charged to you separately by a third-party service provider.
  • Ask for a receipt at the end of your journey (Note: taxi journeys made through registered third-party taxi booking service providers may have a separate receipt for the booking fee component provided electronically or by the taxi driver).
  • You may pay with cash, credit card, NETS, or CEPAS stored-value cards, subject to the availability of such payment devices in the taxis. An administrative or convenience fee may apply.

TIP: Always ask the taxi driver at the beginning of the journey if you have any queries about the mode of payment, or if they have change for a big note.

Basic Taxi Fares

Flag-down fare S$3 to S$3.90
Distance fares 22 cents every 400 metres (above 1km-10km)*
22 cents every 350 metres (above 10km)*
Waiting time

22 cents every 45 seconds*

* Except for SMRT Chrysler, Comfort/CityCab Mercedes Benz, Trans-Cab Mercedes Benz, Premier Mercedes Benz and other premium taxis.

Time and Area based Surcharges

Taxi surcharges vary by operator and types of taxis.

Time Based Surcharges

Peak Hour Surcharge

6:00AM to 9:30AM, Mon-Fri
6:00PM to Midnight, Mon-Sun & Public Holidays

25% of meter fare

Midnight Surcharge

Midnight to 5:59AM

50% of meter fare

Area Based Surcharges

City Area Surcharge

5:00PM to Midnight
Mon-Sun & Public Holidays 


Changi Airport Surcharge

(Includes Changi Air Freight Centre)
5:00PM to Midnight (Fri to Sun)
All other times


Seletar Airport Surcharge


Marina Bay Sands

6:00AM to 4:59PM
(Applicable only on Sundays and Public Holidays;
Not applicable to Comfort, CityCab, Trans-Cab, Premier and Yellow-Top taxis)


Resorts World Sentosa


Singapore Expo Centre


International Cruise Terminal also known as
Marina Bay Cruise Centre

7:00AM to 10:59AM (Mon-Sun & Public Holidays)
All other times


Gardens by the Bay


Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal            

(Applicable to Prime taxis only)