Land Transport Authority

Taxis and the LTA

The LTA regulates the provision of taxi services in Singapore by:

What are the Quality of Service (QOS) and Taxi Availability (TA) standards?

The QoS is a way of monitoring the service and safety performance of taxi operators and drivers. It’s how we ensure that commuters are satisfied with the level of service received.

LTA oversees the performance of all taxi operators across these measures:

  • Taxi booking service
  • Safety
  • Taxi Drivers’ Conduct

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LTA also recognises the need to ensure that there is adequate taxi supply on the road when demand is at its peak and also the need for general taxi availability throughout the day. The TA standards are set in a way to ensure that taxis are better utilised and made more available on the roads to serve commuters.

The performance of the taxi companies for the TA standards will be measured on a monthly basis, starting from 1 January 2013.

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Apart from the above, monthly surveys are also conducted to collect feedback from commuters:

  • Public Opinion Surveys – conducted monthly to rank the various taxi companies.
  • Waiting time at taxi stands - conducted monthly to find out the average waiting time at major taxi stands in the city at hourly intervals between 5pm - 12am.

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