Intelligent Bus Management System to Enhance Commuters’ Journey Experience

News Releases
9 Apr 2014

1.      The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has awarded ST Electronics (Info-Comm Systems) Pte Ltd (STE) / Trapeze Switzerland GMBH Consortium a contract to supply, install and commission an Intelligent Bus Management System with a total value of about $68 million.

About the Intelligent Bus Management System

2.      Currently, both SBS Transit and SMRT use separate bus fleet management systems to manage their daily bus operations and provide bus arrival information to commuters.

3.      This new system will provide a unified solution for operations control, fleet management, passenger information and business management for LTA and the two public transport operators. The newest on-board computers and touch terminals will be installed on all buses to aid bus drivers with traffic information and advisories on adherence to route schedules within the transport network. The system will be implemented progressively from end 2015. Ultimately, this would mean better operated bus services for the benefit of commuters, who should experience more consistent performance of bus services.

4.      Group Director, Innovation and Infocomm Technology, LTA, Mrs Rosina Howe said, “Since early 2013, we have been working with both SBST and SMRT to define a unified transport control system which is able to relay real-time information to the operation control centres, bus drivers and commuters. This will be an intelligent system capable of providing timely advisories to bus drivers through touch screens, enabling better optimisation of the fleet resources by despatching buses to where they are needed and disseminating more accurate bus arrival timing to benefit commuters. With more accurate bus arrival information, commuters can better plan their journeys and travel options.”

5.      Based in Singapore, STE-InfoComm provides infocomm technologies and electronics and intelligent transportation systems to commercial, government, defence and homeland security sectors. STE-InfoComm has implemented LTA’s i-Transport system, arterial roads monitoring and analysis system, and traffic junctions CCTV surveillance system. Trapeze specialises in the supply and implementation of intermodal transport control systems (ITCS) for the public transport industry with its notable implementation for the Transport for London’s fleet of 8,500 buses. More about STE-InfoComm and Trapeze is available at Annex B.

Annex A:   Intelligent Bus Management System Schematics
Annex B:   Information about STE and Trapeze