Loyang Bus Depot Handed Over to Go-Ahead Group

News Releases
11 Dec 2015

1. The Land Transport Authority has handed over the Loyang Bus Depot, located off Loyang Avenue, to the Go-Ahead Group today. The company was awarded the Loyang bus package last month and will begin operating services in the third quarter of 2016 . The hand-over of the depot enables the operator to prepare for operations, as well as recruit and train bus captains and technicians, to support a smooth transition.

2. Developed and funded by the Government, the Loyang Bus Depot is leased to Go-Ahead Group under the bus contracting model. The provision of bus depots, among other bus assets, lowers the entry barriers for new operators, which in turn facilitates greater contestability in the public bus industry.

3. Loyang Bus Depot, which spans 8.3 ha, can accommodate about 500 buses. Similar to Bulim Bus Depot , it is equipped with facilities for daily bus operations (e.g. refuelling and washing), bus repair/maintenance, and amenities for bus captains such as crew rest areas, staff lounges and a canteen. The depot has achieved the BCA Green Mark certification for environmental sustainability and is built with a noise barrier wall.