Parents with strollers can tap in from rear door of bus

Media Replies
30 Sep 2019

We thank Mr Long Junhong for sharing his views (Make bus rides more family-friendly, 19 Sept).

Following the Family Friendly Transport Advisory Panel’s recommendations in April last year, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has updated its guidelines in June 2019, as well as communicated them to our four public bus operators. Under the revised guidelines, commuters with open strollers are allowed to board and tap in from the rear door of buses.

LTA is also in the process of installing stroller restraint devices across our entire bus fleet. These devices, which are installed in the wheelchair bay, allow parents to safely secure their open strollers on buses. As of September 2019, about 70 per cent of the bus fleet has been installed with such devices.

We would like to thank Mr Long for his feedback and timely reminder. We will continue to work closely with our public bus operators to remind bus captains to allow commuters to board with open strollers on our public buses, whether from the front or rear door, and to extend the necessary assistance.


Sixiang Oon (Mr) 
Director, Public Transport Promotion & Services 
Land Transport Authority