Street lighting factors in safety of all

Media Replies
9 May 2019

We thank Mr Edwin Pang (Stop motorists turning right when pedestrians cross, 30 Apr) for his suggestion on how safety can be enhanced at right turn junctions.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has embarked on a programme to introduce Red Amber Green (RAG) arrows to control right turns at traffic light junctions. At such junctions, motorists will have to wait for the arrow to turn green before making a right turn, even when there is no opposing traffic or pedestrians crossing the road. This prevents traffic from making a turn into a road where the pedestrian signal is showing green, as suggested by Mr Pang. As of April 2019, these RAG arrows are already in operation at more than 250 junctions and more will be rolled out progressively. Where it is not feasible to implement RAG arrows, LTA will look into other road safety features such as warning signs, turning pockets, lighted road studs and integrated pedestrian countdown timers to alert motorists and pedestrians.

LTA would like to urge motorists and pedestrians to play their part by observing good road safety practices and adhering to traffic rules, as well as exercising patience and care towards each other.


Mr Chandrasekar Palanisamy
Group Director
Traffic & Road Operations
Land Transport Authority