Cross Island Line: LTA will minimise environmental impact

Media Replies
30 May 2013

We refer to Ms Vinita Ramani Mohan’s letter “A transportation plan that crosses the line” (TODAY, 20 May). 

The detailed alignment of the Cross Island Line (CRL) has not been decided and the Land Transport Authority (LTA) will carry out detailed studies before finalising the alignment.  We would also like to assure that LTA will be commissioning an independent Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to study the environmental impact of the CRL, as part of its overall assessment and design. As part of the EIA, the consultant is required to develop guidelines to guide the Engineering Investigative Works.  The Engineering Investigative Works will be carried out in compliance with these guidelines.   

In the coming months, LTA will engage and consult various stakeholders, including nature and environmental groups to ensure that their views and concerns are accommodated as part of the EIA study. We share the environmentalists' concern on any possible impact on the Central Catchment Nature Reserve (CCNR) and assure that sufficient time will be accorded to address these concerns. Protecting the nature reserves will be an integral consideration for the project and all efforts would be taken to minimise impact to the environment.  In particular, we would like to assure the public that some of the concerns that have been expressed, such as the need or intention to clear large tracts of forest in the nature reserves, or the possibility of there being major construction works within the nature reserves, are not contemplated.  We ask for some patience as we continue to make preparations for the consultation and the EIA.



Helen Lim (Ms)
Director, Media Relations and Public Education
Land Transport Authority