Inspection of 3-year-old cars ensures safety

Media Replies
12 Feb 2019

We thank Mr Koh Bock Swi for his letter (“Check for 3-year-old cars a waste of money”, 30 Jan).

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) requires regular vehicle inspections to ensure that vehicles meet the necessary safety and emission standards for road usage. Vehicle components such as brakes, wheels, brake pads and lights are subject to significant wear and tear during the first 3 years, and the mandatory vehicle inspections can pick up issues with these components to ensure the safety of all road users. In fact, an average of about 4.6% of 3-year-old cars, or more than 1,500 cars, failed their first inspections per year, over the past five years.

Singapore’s vehicle inspection requirements are similar to those of other countries such as Germany and Japan, which require cars to be inspected once they reach 3 years of age. LTA will continue to regularly review its vehicle inspection requirements to take into account technological developments and international practices.


Mr Alvin Chia 
Group Director, Vehicle Services 
Land Transport Authority