Green Link Determining System

The Green Link Determining (GLIDE) system controls all traffic signals in Singapore by adjusting the green time as traffic flow changes. GLIDE also links adjacent traffic signals to allow vehicles to travel from one junction to another with minimal stops. GLIDE uses loop detectors to detect the presence of vehicular and pedestrian traffic and makes traffic signal adjustments to:

  • Allocate green time for motorists and pedestrians based on demand
  • Provide "green wave" link between adjacent junctions to minimise the number of stops by vehicles
  • Allow traffic signal faults to be rectified quickly

How GLIDE Works

The GLIDE system detects the presence of vehicles and pedestrians at the traffic light junctions and uses logic and algorithms to analyse real-time traffic data.

Wire sensors laid beneath the road surface at junctions sense the presence of vehicles. This activates a local controller that adjusts the traffic light timing so that more green time is given to the direction with a higher traffic volume.

The GLIDE system also detects pedestrians when they press the push button at the junction. In the past, without the push buttons, the “green man” would be turned on automatically. A push button system at traffic signals allows “green man” to be activated only when pushed, so that motorists do not need to wait at the red light unnecessarily and they can enjoy more green time when there are no pedestrians crossing the road.

The GLIDE system links the traffic signals at adjacent junctions along the major corridors, by coordinating the start of their green times. This allows motorists to catch the "green wave" and travel from one junction to another without having to stop at the red lights as often.

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