Traffic Message Channel

How Traffic Message Channel works

Traffic Message Channel (TMC) delivers real-time traffic information to motorists, who can make use of TMC-compliant devices, such as mobile phones, portable navigation devices (PNDs), and in-vehicle navigation systems, for dynamic route navigation. TMC is also used by commercial traffic service providers, which can broadcast real-time traffic messages to drivers on the road.

The TMC:

  • Uses little bandwidth, so information can be carried via conventional FM radio broadcasts, Digital Audio Broadcasting or satellite radio
  • Uses a widely accepted global standard and has been widely adopted in Europe and America, and increasingly in the Asia Pacific and Middle East

How It Works

  1. The TMC uses a database of location codes for a country's entire road network grid.
  2. The stored location codes or the TMC-Location Table (TMC-LT) can be used by map suppliers, who integrate the locations codes directly into their navigation systems, PNDs, and mobile phones.
  3. The TMC-LT encode TMC messages and broadcast traffic information that will be received by TMC-enabled devices.

The Singapore Location Table, developed by LTA, is certified by the Traveller Information Services Association (TISA) in 2015 (certificate number: 2015-157-SG).

More Information

For enquiries on getting an evaluation copy or licensing of Singapore‚Äôs TMC-LT, email

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