Art in Transit

The Art in Transit (AIT) programme is Singapore's largest public art showcase which integrates artworks by the country's leading artists into MRT network. This aligns with LTA’s vision of a people-centred land transport system.

Started in 1997 with North East Line, the AIT programmes enhances daily journeys of millions of commuters. It brings captivating artworks closer to commuters and turns train stations into places that connect the community and the arts.

This is an image of one of the artists
Platform to Showcase Singapore Artists

Under the AIT programme, artists will be commissioned to create artworks that integrate with the stations’ architectural finishes of the stations which also connect people to local histories, geographies and communities. Through this platform, the stations are transformed into a showcase of Singapore art for the commuters.

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Strengthening Community Bonds & People’s Sense of Identity

Some of the commissioned artists involve the local community that live and work nearby for direct participation or to contribute stories to the artwork. The final piece celebrates their history, identity and community bonds.

This is an image of artwork being set up
Not Your Average Ordinary Public Art

Bringing artistic and construction expertise together, the artists’ manipulation of standard building materials integrates the artwork with the architectural finishes of the station. This ensures that cost of creating the artwork is reasonable and created pieces has stories to be enjoyed by generations to come.

Behind every artwork, there are numerous people that played a part in the conceptualising of the artwork to bringing it to live in the station. Three of the key parties that LTA appoints are:

  1. The Art Review Panels (ARP) comprises of artists, art educators, architects and representatives from relevant agencies and institutions who provide art-focused advice and guidance in the development of the artwork.

  2. Curators provide expert advice and leadership in the development and implementation of the AIT programme within the assigned stations

  3. Artists who produce artwork in line with stations’ context and design.

LTA conducts a Public Call for artists for each new rail line. Under the open call, public who are interested can submit their portfolios and curriculum vitae for the Curator to select and the process will be overseen by the ARP.

The last public call for Art in Transit Programme for Cross Island Line is now closed. Look out for updates on this page for future public calls.

Till date, we have:

Statistics on Art in Transit. Till date, we have: 84 Stations, 88 Artists, 23 School Participation, 16 Neighbourhood Participation, More than 300 Artworks.

Interested to find out more? Take a walking tour to learn about the various art pieces, contact us or explore the gallery in this page!


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