Grant Call for Applied Research Projects to Enhance Traffic Management and Road Safety with Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) Technologies

The technology proliferation and market availability of V2X technologies, as well as emergence of game-changing communication enablers like 5G, have led to the possibilities of adopting such technologies for a highly-networked, smart and efficient land transport system.

As Singapore continues to develop with increasing economic activities and maturing townships, traffic interactions between road users (e.g. public and private buses, cars, taxis, motorcycles and pedestrians) have become more complex in our densely populated environment.  Our land transport system has evolved over the years with the adoption of advanced sensor and monitoring systems, such as junction cameras, traffic monitors and the ERP System, in order to cope with the complexity of traffic management and to enhance road safety.

V2X is a communication means of between vehicles and between vehicle and infrastructure, such as the various parts of the traffic system around them. With its increased in adoption and coupled with other technological improvements in communications and artificial intelligence, they present opportunities to potentially further the improvements made to our roads and traffic systems. Advanced applications of V2X technologies can also complement the applications of Autonomous Vehicle (AV) technology for safe and efficient operations, which the government is planning to pilot for public transport services.

This is an image of a common traffic interaction scenario – vehicles crossing at a road intersection.

Enhance Traffic Management and Road Safety with Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X)

LTA is launching a grant call for V2X applied research projects with potential applications in our road and traffic operations. The desired operational outcomes are to:

  1.     Enhance Traffic Management; and
  2.     Enhance Road Safety.

The proposer is highly encouraged to partner and collaborate with relevant industry stakeholders to deliver R&D projects that have high potential for industrial practicality and commercial scalability.  Proposals with Technology Readiness Level (TRL) between five (5) to seven (7) that involve applied research trials in operational environments will be preferred.

Eligibility Criteria

The call is open to all R&D organisations in Singapore including publicly funded institutes of higher learning (IHLs), not-for-profit research institutions (RIs), public sector agencies, companies and company-affiliated research entities.  The Lead Principal Investigator will be required to have a minimum time commitment of 9 months per year in Singapore. International parties can participate as collaborators. 

How to Apply?

Please download the relevant documents here:

Submission for all Full Proposals must follow the Full Proposal Guidelines and should only be in Word, Excel or PDF formats. All documents should be submitted to

Proposals will be selected through a single-stage process and evaluated based on i) potential for impact and subsequent scalability, ii) strength of project execution, and iii) technical competency of the team. Shortlisted proposals will be invited to revise and present their submissions to the Technical Evaluation Panel (TEP).

Proposals should cover the objectives, proposed approach and project execution plan. This would include explaining and quantifying the outcomes that could be achieved with the proposed research area.

Submission Deadline

Submission of proposals for this Grant Call commenced on 19 Oct 2020 (Mon), 1200hrs and closed on 16 Nov 2020 (Mon), 1200hrs. Evaluation is currently in progress.

For further enquiries on this Grant Call, please email LTA at

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