Point-to-Point Support Package (PPSP)

The Government, together with the taxi and PHC operators and driver associations launched a $77 million Point-to-Point Support Package (PPSP) to help taxi and PHC drivers affected by the coronavirus disease 2019 outbreak.

PPSP comprises the following two components for drivers:

  • $73 million Special Relief Fund (SRF) to help active full-time taxi and PHC drivers defray business cost. Eligible active full-time taxi and PHC drivers can receive up to $20 per vehicle per day for three months; and
  • Government and NTUC Driver Care Fund for drivers who may not qualify for the Special Relief Fund but still require financial assistance

For more information, you may refer to the Terms and Conditions and FAQs.

For operators, we will waive license fees of P2P Operators for three months and defer the implementation of the new P2P regulatory regime to Sep 2020.

  • SRF will only be disbursed to eligible PHC driver-partners from 2 March 2020 to 30 May 2020. Taxi driver-partners will receive the applicable SRF quantum from their respective taxi operators.
  • The SRF quantum will be disbursed per vehicle. Each vehicle will receive no more than $10/day from the Government. Eligible PHC driver-partners who shared the same vehicle with other eligible driver(s) in 4Q2019 will have their SRF quantum apportioned equally with any other eligible drivers sharing that vehicle.
  • Eligible PHC driver-partners will continue to receive SRF quantum if they maintain an active driver account and valid TDVL/PDVL during the 90-day period.
  • Eligible Drivers under any stay-home notice, quarantine order, leave of absence, hospitalization leave or certified sick leave (each a “work absence order” and collectively, the “work-absence orders”) shall only receive the ESRF quantum if they do not receive full reimbursement or compensation for their vehicle rental as a result of any work absence order(s) issued to them. 
  • Eligible PHC driver-partners whose Vocational Licence is suspended or revoked, will not receive the SRF quantum for that period.
  • Eligible PHC driver-partners should only select ONE service provider to provide the payout. If you select more than 1, your payout will be delayed.
  • Eligible PHC driver-partners who miss the application period will receive the payout through the service provider they drove the most for during 4Q2019.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Special Relief Fund (SRF)

(a) Eligibility for SRF by taxi drivers

1. I was working as a taxi driver in 2019 and just stopped in Jan 2020. Am I eligible for the relief?

The relief is intended to help active full-time Point-to-Point (P2P) drivers to defray ongoing costs during this period in which the sector has been directly impacted by the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). To be eligible for the relief:
- taxi drivers must be existing main taxi hirers
- continue driving their taxis or remain in the PHC platform during the period of assistance.

2. I am a relief taxi driver. How do I benefit from this support package?

The relief in this support package will be given to the taxi’s main hirer. Main hirers are encouraged to share the sum received with their relief drivers. This is the same approach adopted during SARS and decided in consultation with industry partners. For further clarification, you may speak to your taxi company.

3. What can I do if the main taxi hirer is not willing to share the fund with the relief driver?

Main hirers are encouraged to share the sum received with their relief drivers. Any disputes between drivers should be raise to their respective operators and association representatives.

(b) Eligibility for SRF by PHC drivers

4. I am a PHC driver. How will I know if I qualify for this assistance?

Only full-time PHC drivers (i.e. those who have completed at least 200 trips every month for the period Oct – Dec 2019) will qualify for the special relief fund. PHC operators will notify drivers of their eligibility.

5. I am a PHC driver who just started driving in late 2019 or Jan 2020 and as such have not completed the pre-requisite number of trips of 200 trips each month. Am I eligible for the relief?

The relief is intended to help drivers who are dependent on providing P2P services as their primary source of income and have driven for a period of time prior to the onset of COVID-19 infection. To be eligible for the relief, PHC drivers must complete at least 200 trips every month for the period Oct – Dec 2019.

6. My monthly trips count was not properly recorded by the operators. As a result, I am not able to qualify for the SRF. What should I do?

LTA is working with the operators (Grab, Go-Jek, Ryde and TADA) to aggregate all trips for individual drivers across all of the above platforms. The eligibility criteria for PHC drivers are as follows:
i. Completed at least 200 PHC trips every month for the period Oct – Dec 2019
ii. A registered driver on the ride-hailing platform at time of payout
Should you have further concerns regarding your trip count, you may clarify with your operator(s) directly.

7. Why are Grab-Hitch trips not counted towards my trip count even though I hold a PDVL?

The Special Relief Fund (SRF) intends to help drivers who depend on the P2P sector as their main source of income. As such, social car-pooling trips e.g. Grab-Hitch, which are on a cost recovery basis will not be counted towards the trip count.

8. If I am driving for multiple PHC Operators, would it affect my eligibility?

LTA is working with the operators (Grab, Go-Jek, Ryde and TADA) to assess PHC drivers’ eligibility. However, PHC drivers are allowed to apply for and receive the relief quantum through only one single nominated operator.

9. Can quarantined drivers who received the earlier Tripartite care package ($100 from operators, $200 from NTA/NPHVA and rental waiver) still receive this relief?

Yes, quarantined drivers who are eligible will be entitled to receive the relief on top of their existing care packages. However, quarantined drivers whose rental costs are being waived will not receive the relief for the quarantined period.

10. I am a PHC driver using a shared vehicle with another driver from Oct to Dec 2019. How will this relief be shared?

For the case of two eligible drivers sharing a vehicle, each driver will receive half the relief from the Government i.e. $5/day for 90 days.

11. What is the level of contribution from my operator, and can I receive the funds from more than one operator given that I am driving on more than one platform?

Eligible drivers will receive $10/day for 90 days from the Government. They may check with their selected operator on the amount they will receive from the operator. Drivers will need to nominate their preferred operator, and will only receive the SRF disbursed from that selected operator.

12. I changed my vehicle in November 2019. Will my trips in Oct 2019 still be counted?

Yes, all trips of an individual driver will be aggregated across all vehicles and platforms.

(c) Others

13. Can I collect the relief from Government directly?

All eligible drivers should receive the relief from their respective taxi companies or PHC operators which have signed on as disbursement partners.

14. Will the SRF be extended beyond 3 months?

As the situation is evolving, the Government will continue to monitor the impact of COVID-19 on the P2P industry before deciding the need to extend the SRF and/or implement new measures.

15. Can I receive the Special Relief Fund and still qualify for the Driver Care Fund?

Drivers who have received SRF will not be eligible for the Driver Care Fund.

16. How do I apply for the Government & NTUC Driver Care Fund (DCF)?

NTUC is administering the DCF and while application at physical sites have ended on 17 Apr 2020, drivers who are eligible and have yet to apply for DCF can email their particulars to NTUC at drivercarefund@ntuc.org.sg. Applications for DCF will close on 22 Aug 2020. More information on eligibility can be found at www.ntuc.org.sg/drivercarefund.

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