Certificate of Registration for Third-Party Taxi Booking Service Providers

Third-party taxi booking service providers that wish to apply for a certificate of registration should submit an application form (PDF, 162kb) to LTA. A non-refundable application fee of S$400 applies for each registration.

Key Conditions

1.       Fees and charges to passengers

  • Bidding and pre-trip tipping for taxi services are not allowed. In addition, the booking fees charged by third party taxi booking services cannot exceed the booking fees charged by taxi companies.

Note: Registered providers will need to ensure that it does the necessary to restrict its passengers and drivers from inducing pre-trip tipping through their platforms, e.g. through the misuse of a free-text field that is meant to specify the exact pick-up location.

  • Fare information shall be specified to commuters upfront before commuters accept dispatched taxi. These include the flag-down fare, distance and time rates, the booking fee charged by the service provider, and where applicable, peak period and location surcharges.
  • Receipts, electronic or otherwise, that detail the different fare components, shall be provided to the passenger upon request.

2.       Licensed taxis and drivers

  • Dispatch only licensed taxis and drivers holding valid Taxi Driver’s Vocational Licences, and maintain accurate records of its taxis and drivers.
  • If the Registered provider has non-taxi booking options, it shall clearly differentiate these from the taxi booking option.

3.       Service requirement

  • Non-mandatory for commuters to specify their destinations before they can make bookings.
  • Customer service:
    • Provide either a telephone number or electronic option such as an email address, website or via a smart application to receive feedback, enquiries, complaints and requests for assistance. The Registered Provider shall also provide a local correspondence address.
    • Provide priority assistance to passenger who left their property in participating taxis.
    • Provide passengers the ability to indicate special needs (e.g. wheelchair or bulky luggage)

4.       Notification on change in service or charges

  • For any change that affects the delivery of service or the booking fees, fares and/or surcharges payable by passengers in using the service, Registered providers shall give LTA 14 days prior notice and all its registered drivers and passengers at least seven days prior notice before the change takes effect.

5.       General obligations

  • Furnish information specified by LTA for proper discharge of its functions. These include, but are not limited to: details of taxis and drivers registered with the provider, booking information, number of registered end users.
  • Investigate and report on all incidents affecting its booking service as required by LTA.
  • Allow LTA or its appointed firm to conduct audits relating to the third-party taxi booking service.

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