Charging Standards and Installation of EV Chargers

Technical Reference 25

A nationwide electric vehicle (EV) charging standard, Technical Reference 25 (TR 25), was established in 2010 to provide technical safety requirements for EV charging systems (EVCS) in Singapore. 

The latest version of the technical reference is TR 25:2022, which supersedes the TR 25:2016. Please refer to this summary for the key changes to the revised TR 25. Chargers that have received a Letter of No Objection (LNO) need not be re-certified to TR 25:2022. The LTA EV Charging System Verification Panel (EVP) will continue to accept applications for LNOs based on TR 25:2016 for a period of two years after the TR 25:2022 is published. The exact cut-off date will be announced closer to 2024. 

To give the industry time to transit to the latest requirements in TR 25:2022, there will be a six-month transition period before compliance with the maintenance and installation requirements in the revised TR 25:2022 becomes mandatory. 

You can purchase a copy of the revised TR 25:2022 on the Singapore Standards website.

National Public Charging Standards

Type 2 AC and Combo-2 DC charging systems are adopted as the National Public Charging Standards (NPCS). In March 2020, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and the Energy Market Authority (EMA) jointly announced the addition of CHAdeMO charging systems as an Optional Public Charging Standards (OPCS) for EVs. This means that public charging stations can be provided with CHAdeMO charging point options, in addition to the mandatory Type 2 AC/ Combo 2 DEC chargers.  This enables providers of EV chargers to bring in a larger range of public charging options for drivers and supports the wider adoption of EVs in Singapore.

Proper Installation of EV Chargers

You should engage a Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW) and an equipment specialist to install, test, and certify the fitness of the EV Charging System (EVCS) installation before it is put into service. Please refer to the 'Requirements for Testing & Inspection of EVCS' section below for details on the commissioning of an EVCS. Before its installation, the equipment specialist must check that the EV Supply Equipment (EVSE) is issued with a Letter of No Objection (LNO) to ensure that it complies with TR 25 or the relevant International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards and the essential tests as per the Technical Compliance Checklist

The owner is responsible for the safe use and operation of the EVCS. To ensure this, regular maintenance, electrical safety inspection and testing shall be carried out on the EVCS according to TR 25:2022. Please refer to the section Inspection & Maintenance of EV Charging Systems for more details. 

EV chargers and charging cables must be installed in appropriate locations, without obstructing motorists and other users. Please refer to the non-exhaustive examples below:

  • EV chargers should not block driving lanes and footpaths
  • Charging cables should not dangle over or go across footpaths when in use
  • When the charger is not in use, there should be sufficient floor space for the charging cables such that they do not intrude into the parking lots, driving lanes and footpaths
  • Wall-mounted EV Chargers shall not enter the space above parking lots, driving lanes and footpaths
  • When a vehicle is parked in an EV lot, the chargers and accompanying equipment shall not block the vehicle doors


The following table contains the list of EVSE that has been issued an LNO (as of 23 August 2023). Click on the arrow beside the " Brand" header to filter for specific brands. 

S/N Model Reference
  • Terra 54 CG, Terra 54HV CG
  • Terra 94 C, Terra 94 CC, Terra 94 CJ
  • Terra 124 C, Terra 124 CC, Terra 124 CJ
  • Terra 184 C, Terra 184 CC, Terra 184 CJ
  • Terra DC Wallbox 24 C2J, Terra DC Wallbox 24 C2, Terra DC Wallbox 24 C2C2
  • Terra DC Wallbox 25 C2J, Terra DC Wallbox 25 C2, Terra DC Wallbox 25 C2C2
  • Terra DC Wallbox 26 C2J, Terra DC Wallbox 26 C2, Terra DC Wallbox 26 C2C2
  • Terra AC W7-G5-R-0
  • Terra AC W7-G5-R-C-0
  • Terra AC W11-G5-R-0
  • Terra AC W22-G5-R-C-0
  • Terra AC W7-G5-RD-MC-0
  • Terra AC W22-G5-RD-MC-0

Not intended for public installation or use as public EV Charging Station 

  • Terra DC Wallbox 24 JJ, Terra DC Wallbox 25 JJ, Terra DC Wallbox 26 JJ
AC Chargers
  • ANACE1-400V/32A-T21/C
  • ANACE1-400V/32A-T22/C
  • ANACE1-400V/32A-T23/C
  • ANACE1-400V/32A-T24/C
  • ANACE1-400V/32A-T25/C
  • ANACE1-230V/32A-T11/C
  • ANACE1-230V/32A-T12/C
  • ANACE1-230V/32A-T13/C
  • ANACE1-230V/32A-T14/C
  • ANACE1-230V/32A-T15/C

DC Chargers 

  • ANDCE1-90kW/1000V-Y11
  • ANDCE1-90kW/1000V-Y12
  • ANDCE1-120kW/1000V-Y21
  • ANDCE1-120kW/1000V-Y22
  • ANDCE1-150kW/1000V-Y31
  • ANDCE1-150kW/1000V-Y32
  • ANDCE1-180kW/1000V-Y41
  • ANDCE1-180kW/1000V-Y42
  • MAXI EU AC W22-C5-4G
  • MAXI EU AC W7-C5-4G
  • EF240A3001
  • EF220A3001
  • EF200A3001
  • EF180A3001
  • EF160A3001
  • EF140A3001
  • EF120A3001
  • EF100A3001
  • EF100C3001
  • EF080A3001
  • EF080C3001
  • EF060A3001
  • EF060C3001


  • 987Axx
  • 987A01

For use with Distribution Cabinets:

  • 972Axx
  • 972Bxx 
  • EVA040KI/01
  • Marvel 72 (DH-AC0140XG58-B)
  • Post eVolve Smart T
  • Post eVolve Smart C63 One
  • Wallbox eVolve Smart T One
  • EVPE3225MUN
  • EIAW-E11KTBE5A02
  • EIAW-E22KTBE5A02
  • EIAW-E11kTSE5A04
  • EIAW-E22KTSE5A04


  • EM002-T2
  • ELVI
  • BusinessLine B3320-50092
  • BusinessLine B1320-51092
  • HK-30-750-AE2, HK-30-750-BE2
  • HK-45-750-AE2, HK-45-750-BE2
  • HK-60-750-AE2, HK-60-750-BE2, HK-60-750-CE2
  • HK-75-750-AE2, HK-75-750-BE2, HK-75-750-CE2
  • HK-90-750-AE2, HK-90-750-BE2, HK-90-750-CE2
  • HK-120-750-AE2, HK-120-750-BE2, HK-120-750-CE2
  • HK-150-750-AE2, HK-150-750-BE2, HK-150-750-CE2
  • HK-40-1000-AE2, HK-40-1000-BE2
  • HK-60-1000-AE2, HK-60-1000-BE2, HK-60-1000-CE2
  • HK-80-1000-AE2, HK-80-1000-BE2, HK-80-1000-CE2
  • HK-100-1000-AE2, HK-100-1000-BE2, HK-100-1000-CE2
  • HK-120-1000-AE2, HK-120-1000-BE2, HK-120-1000-CE2
  • HK-140-1000-AE2, HK-140-1000-BE2, HK-140-1000-CE2
  • HK-160-1000-AE2, HK-160-1000-BE2, HK-160-1000-CE2
  • HK-E--30--B1, HK-E--60--B1, HK-E--90--B1, HK-E--120--B1, HK-E--150--B1, HK-E--180--B1, 
  • HK-E-E-60-07QS-A1, HK-E-E-60-22QT-A1, HK-E-E-60-43QT-A1, HK-EE--60--A1, HK-EJ--60--A1, 
  • HK-E-E-90-07QS-A1, HK-E-E-90-22QT-A1, HK-EE--90--A1, HK-EJ--90--A1, 
  • HK-E-E-120-07QS-A1, HK-E-E-120-22QT-A1, HK-EE--120--A1, HK-EJ--120--A1, 
  • HK-E-E-150-07QS-A1, HK-E-E-150-22QT-A1, HK-EE--150--A1, HK-EJ--150--A1, 
  • HK-E-E-180-07QS-A1, HK-E-E-180-22QT-A1, HK-EE--180--A1, HK-EJ--180--A1, 
  • HK-EE-E-60-07QS-D1, HK-EJ-E-60-07QS-D1, HK-EE-E-60-22QT-D1, HK-EJ-E-60-22QT-D1, HK-EE-E-60-43QT-D1, HK-EJ-E-60-43QT-D1, 
  • HK-EE-E-90-07QS-D1, HK-EJ-E-90-07QS-D1, HK-EE-E-90-22QT-D1, HK-EJ-E-90-22QT-D1, 
  • HK-EE-E-120-07QS-D1, HK-EJ-E-120-07QS-D1, HK-EE-E-120-22QT-D1, HK-EJ-E-120-22QT-D1, 
  • HK-EE-E-150-07QS-D1, HK-EJ-E-150-07QS-D1, HK-EE-E-150-22QT-D1, HK-EJ-E-150-22QT-D1, 
  • HK-EE-E-180-07QS-D1, HK-EJ-E-180-07QS-D1, HK-EE-E-180-22QT-D1, HK-EJ-E-180-22QT-D1


  • KeyWatt60X_Tri2, KeyWatt60X_Tri3
  • KeyWatt60X_Bi1, 
  • KeyWatt60X_Bi2b, KeyWatt60X_Bi2c
  • KeyWatt60X_CCS2
  • ACE1-400V/32A-T21/C
  • ACE1-400V/32A-T22/C
  • ACE1-400V/32A-T23/C
  • ACE1-400V/32A-T24/C
  • ACE1-400V/32A-T25/C
  • ACE1-230V/32A-T11/C
  • ACE1-230V/32A-T12/C
  • ACE1-230V/32A-T13/C
  • ACE1-230V/32A-T14/C
  • ACE1-230V/32A-T15/C


14LITE-ON Technology Corporation
  • W1-EC245-E0B100-BA10
  • W1-EC245-E0B300-BA10
  • W1-EC245-E0F100-CA10
  • W1-EC245-E0F300-CA10
  • W1-EC245-ESK1MR-AA10
  • W1-EC245-ESK3MR-AA10
  • IC-CPD-B-G10-P24-16A-DA
  • IC-CPD-B-G10-P37-16A-DA
  • A0009067408
17Mercedes-Benz, Lear
  • A 000 583 66 04
  • A 000 583 92 01
18MINI Electric
  • EIAW-E22KTBE5B08
  • Viaris UNI (7.4kW)
  • Viaris UNI (22kW)
  • DSYE601J0EW2PH
  • DSYE601E0EDX1X2X3
  • DSYE601E00DX1X2X3
  • DSYE901E00DX1X2X3
  • DSYE901E0EDX1X2X3
  • DSYE901J0EDX1X2X3
  • DSYE122E00DX1X2X3
  • DSYE122E0EDX1X2X3
  • DSYE122J0EDX1X2X3
  • DSYE152E00DX1X2X3
  • DSYE152E0EDX1X2X3
  • DSYE152J0EDX1X2X3
  • DSYE182E00DX1X2X3
  • DSYE182E0EDX1X2X3
  • DSYE182J0EDX1X2X3
  • DWYE301J0EDX1X2X3
  • DWYE301J0MDX1X2X3
  • DWYE301E00DX1X2X3
  • DWYE301M00DX1X2X3

(X refers to the Customer Serial Number)


  • 7PP.971.675.B
  • 9Y0.971.675.BE
  • 9Y0.971.675.BG
  • 9Y0.971.675.BJ
  • PMCP11A
  • EIAW-E22KTBE5B09
23Schneider Electric
  • EVB3S22NCB
  • EVF2S22P44R
  • EVH4S03NC
  • EVH4A03NC
  • EVH4S07NC
  • EVH4A07NC
  • EVH4S11NC
  • EVH4A11NC
  • 8EM1310-3EJ04-3GA1, 8EM1310-3EJ04-3GA2, 8EM1310-3EJ04-0GA0
  • 8EM1310-2EJ04-3GA1, 8EM1310-2EJ04-3GA2, 8EM1310-2EJ04-0GA0
  • List of SICHARGE-D models
25Star Charge
  • DH-AC0070XG70, DH-AC0110XG70, DH-AC0220XG70
  • DH-DC1800SG56, DH-DC1500SG56, DH-DC1200SG56
  • DH-DC0300HG57
  • DCST-EN-002-360-01
  • DCST-EN-002-360-06
  • AC0070EN02535
  • AC0070EN02525
  • AC0070EN03125
  • AC0110EN02535
  • AC0110EN02525
  • AC0110EN03125
  • 1529455-00-D, 1529455-00-E, 1529455-02-D, 15299455-02-E

Commander 2

  • CMX2-0-2-2-5-001
  • CMX2-0-2-2-5-002
  • CMX2-0-2-4-5-001
  • CMX2-0-2-4-5-002
  • CMX2-0-2-2-8-001
  • CMX2-0-2-2-8-002
  • CMX2-0-2-4-8-001
  • CMX2-0-2-4-8-002
  • CMX2-0-2-2-K-001
  • CMX2-0-2-4-K-001
  • CMX2-0-2-2-K-002
  • CMX2-0-2-4-K-002
  • CMX2-0-2-2-8-S01
  • CMX2-0-2-4-8-S01
  • CMX2-0-2-2-8-S02
  • CMX2-0-2-4-8-S02
  • CMX2-0-2-2-5-S01
  • CMX2-0-2-4-5-S01
  • CMX2-0-2-2-5-S02
  • CMX2-0-2-4-5-S02
  • CMX2-0-2-2-K-S01
  • CMX2-0-2-4-K-S01
  • CMX2-0-2-2-K-S02
  • CMX2-0-2-4-K-S02
  • YLUXD180KE-01
  • YLUXD180KE-01A
  • YLUXD180KE-02
  • YLUXD180KE-02A
  • YLUXD180KE-05
  • YLUXD180KE-05A
  • YLUXD180KE-06
  • YLUXD180KE-06A
  • YLUXD180KE-13
  • YLUXD180KE-13A
  • YLUXD160KE-01
  • YLUXD160KE-01A
  • YLUXD160KE-02
  • YLUXD160KE-02A
  • YLUXD160KE-05
  • YLUXD160KE-05A
  • YLUXD160KE-06
  • YLUXD160KE-06A
  • YLUXD160KE-13
  • YLUXD160KE-13A
  • YLUXD150KE-01
  • YLUXD150KE-01A
  • YLUXD150KE-02
  • YLUXD150KE-02A
  • YLUXD150KE-05
  • YLUXD150KE-05A
  • YLUXD150KE-06
  • YLUXD150KE-06A
  • YLUXD150KE-13
  • YLUXD150KE-13A
  • YLUXD120KE-01
  • YLUXD120KE-01A
  • YLUXD120KE-02
  • YLUXD120KE-02A
  • YLUXD120KE-05
  • YLUXD120KE-05A
  • YLUXD120KE-06
  • YLUXD120KE-06A
  • YLUXD120KE-13
  • YLUXD120KE-13A
  • YLUXD80KE-01
  • YLUXD80KE-01A
  • YLUXD80KE-02
  • YLUXD80KE-02A
  • YLUXD80KE-05
  • YLUXD80KE-05A
  • YLUXD80KE-06
  • YLUXD80KE-06A
  • YLUXD80KE-13
  • YLUXD80KE-13A
  • YLUXD60KE-01
  • YLUXD60KE-01A
  • YLUXD60KE-02
  • YLUXD60KE-02A
  • YLUXD60KE-05
  • YLUXD60KE-05A
  • YLUXD60KE-06
  • YLUXD60KE-06A
  • YLUXD60KE-13
  • YLUXD60KE-13A
  • YLUXD50KE-01
  • YLUXD50KE-01A
  • YLUXD50KE-02
  • YLUXD50KE-02A
  • YLUXD50KE-05
  • YLUXD50KE-05A
  • YLUXD50KE-06
  • YLUXD50KE-06A
  • YLUXD50KE-13
  • YLUXD50KE-13A

Inspection & Maintenance of EV Charging Systems 

The owner of an EVCS must engage an LEW and equipment specialist to periodically maintain and inspect the system. The maintenance of the EVCS should be done according to the manufacturer's recommendation. The testing and inspection of the EVCS must be carried out according to the frequency level shown below or to the manufacturer's recommendation, whichever is more frequent.  

Requirements for Testing & Inspection of EVCS
Type of EVCS  Activity Checklist Conducted  by Frequency 
Non- Restricted Access EVCS  Commissioning  TR 25-1
Annex B
(PDF, 645kB)
LEW & Equipment Specialist  Once 
Periodic Inspection TR 25-1
Annex C
(PDF, 446kB)
Equipment Specialist  Every 6 months 
TR 25-1
Annex D
(PDF, 410kB)
LEW Every 12 months
Restricted Access EVCS (i.e. Landed Homes) Commissioning  TR 25-1
Annex B
(PDF, 645kB)
LEW & Equipment Specialist  Once 
Periodic Inspection TR 25-1
Annex C
(PDF, 446kB)
Equipment Specialist  Every 24 months*


1.Restricted access means that the EVCS is located in single household parking space which has physical barrier as boundary and restricted access from unauthorized vehicles e.g. landed dwelling home. All other chargers are considered as non-restricted access.

2. Should there be any part replacement or modification done to the charger as part of maintenance that may affect the safety function of the EVCS, the equipment specialist and LEW shall carry out the testing and inspections according to Annex B.

* For safety, it is recommended that restricted access EVCS to be inspected every 24 months (or according to manufacturer’s recommendation). 

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