INSINC Cash Prize Doubled, Higher Credits to Encourage More Commuters to Shift to Off-Peak Morning Trips, INSINC Participation Doubles to 41,000 and Growing

News Releases 01 Nov 2012 INSINC

1.     As announced by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) on 28 June 2012, several enhancements to the “Incentives for Singapore’s Commuters” (INSINC) study to encourage commuters to shift to off-peak periods will be introduced in November 2012.

2.     From 1 November 2012, the maximum cash prize for INSINC participants will be doubled to $200, up from $100. Participants will also be able to choose the option of transferring their rewards directly to their bank accounts.

3.     Since the study was extended to concession card and NETS FlashPay card holders on 1 August 2012, 5,300 such card holders have signed up. Together with new sign-ups using adult EZ-Link cards, the total number of INSINC participants has more than doubled from 17,000 in June 2012 to 41,000 now. More than $320,000 has been paid out to participants since January this year.

4.     LTA has been actively studying travel demand management to promote a more even distribution of public transport trips during peak hours to improve commuters’ travel experience and optimize shoulder peak public transport capacity. Aside from INSINC, SMRT’s Early Travel Discount and the more recently launched ‘Travel Smart’ programme are on-going initiatives.

More incentives for INSINC from November

5.     As a further incentive to travel off-peak1, more credits per kilometer will be given to participants with a higher status2 from 1 November - three credits for Member, four credits for Silver, five credits for Gold and six credits for Platinum. The more off-peak trips participants make, the more credits they will earn and the higher their chances of winning prizes. Presently, all participants receive three credits per kilometer travelled during off-peak periods.

6.     Participants will also find a cleaner, refreshed INSINC website with new game boards that incorporate the higher maximum cash prize. 

7.     INSINC participant Ms Joycelyn Tan, 39, Finance Manager, said, “I enjoy travelling off-peak now as it is less crowded and I manage to get a seat. Initially I was motivated by the incentive but after I tried, I realised travelling off-peak is more relaxing in the morning.”

8.     Mr Elvis Chiu, 28, Marketing Executive who has benefitted from shifting to off-peak travel, said: "The main benefit of travelling off-peak is not having to squeeze with many people and getting a place to sit.”

9.     Since 11 August 2012, it has also been easier for participants to claim rewards as they can transfer rewards to their contactless smartcards through Add Value Machines and TransitLink Ticket Offices at MRT stations. Previously, participants had to transfer the cash rewards via AXS machines that are not always located at MRT stations.

10.   To encourage more commuters to participate in the study, posters will be put up at MRT/LRT stations. Details on INSINC and how to sign up can also be found on the INSINC website

Annex A :   Incentives to Encourage Off-Peak Travel on MRT/LRT
Annex B :   Visual of updated INSINC Website and Game Board
Annex C :   INSINC Posters at MRT/LRT stations

Refers to train trips made between 6.30am to 7.30am and 8.30am to 9.30am
2 Based on the number of decongesting trips they make, a commuter is classified as either: Member, Silver, Gold or Platinum

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