LTA trying out CCTVs to track illegal parking

Media Replies 03 Nov 2012 illegal parking enforcement

We refer the letters from Harry Tong (CCTVs a more reliable enforcement option), Chee Chi Weng (LTA needs to be more proactive in preventing hogging of bus bays) and R. Jaichandra (Government agencies should modernise feedback mechanism) in the Straits Times and ST Interactive on 27 October 2012.

Our officers conduct regular patrols to enforce against motorists who park their vehicles illegally and obstruct traffic flow. This includes vehicles parked near or at bus stops and obstruct public buses. Where the situations are persistent, enforcement will be stepped up.

To complement physical enforcement efforts, we have started a trial using closed-circuit television cameras (CCTVs) along Beach Road, in front of Golden Mile Complex, and at Marine Parade Central, in front of Parkway Parade Shopping Centre where illegal parking is prevalent. This is part of our continual efforts to explore the use of technology to alleviate illegal parking. The results of the trial will allow us to fully assess the effectiveness of CCTVs for wider-scale deployment.

Penalties for illegal parking may include demerit points such as those for offences involving parking at zig zag lines. When we receive public feedback on illegal parking, we will need to verify that the reports are genuine. Information such as the vehicle’s registration number, incident details and the reporting person’s contact details are important to ascertain the facts/circumstances and trace the driver. For example, a private bus or car may have more than one driver and photographs alone may not be sufficient to determine who the actual driver is. The reporting person’s contact allows our investigating officers to seek clarifications if necessary.

Where feedback is more straight-forward such as on road-infrastructure, LTA has introduced a 'Snap-&-Send' function in MyTransport.SG Mobile App. The feature enables public to snap photos of road infrastructure defects such as potholes on the roads, faulty traffic lights, obstructed signage, and send these directly to LTA from their mobile devices. Over 1,000 cases have been received since its launch. These photos are then routed to our officers from various departments who could then rectify these defects quickly.

We thank the writers for their feedback.

Helen Lim (Ms)
Director, Media Relations & Public Education
Land Transport Authority

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