LTA to Give “Gentle Nudge” to Commuters on 550 Buses

News Releases 17 Dec 2012 move in bus stickers

1.     Frustrated commuters having trouble getting others to move to the back of buses will soon have an extra “voice” to help push that message through.

2.     The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is rolling out a set of four stickers on buses encouraging commuters to “move-in”. It is common to read from the public that “people who do not move in on buses and trains” remain one of the pet peeves of commuters.

3.     The messages will be presented in the form of friendly speech bubbles in a conversational style, giving commuters a “gentle nudge” to move to the rear of buses. The stickers will be first rolled out on Service 50 on 16 Dec (14 buses) and Service 513 on 17 Dec (two buses).

4.     With the support of the two public transport operators, the stickers will subsequently be rolled out progressively on the selected 550 buses over the next five years.

5.     LTA hopes that with the roll out of these stickers on buses, commuters can use these messages to remind others to move in, so that more can get on board our buses.

6.     These are the four stickers that commuters can look forward to seeing inside buses (in order of appearance from the front to the back of buses).

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