LTA Launches “Zero Accident” Movement

News Releases 18 Sep 2012 Annual Safety Award Convention (ASAC)

1.     As part of LTA’s continuing commitment to safety, the “Zero Accident” movement was launched today by Mrs Josephine Teo, Minister of State for Finance and Transport, at the 14th Annual Safety Award Convention (ASAC).

2.     The “Zero Accident’ movement will encompass tightening of safety processes and specifications; strengthening engagement efforts at different levels; augmenting safety education and awareness to raise competencies and increasing enforcement efforts.

3.     The Chief Executives of 42 major construction companies have pledged their commitment to the movement, which will help ensure that they fulfil a series of commitments and “walk the talk” on safety.

4.     This includes allocating enough resources for safety and health management and maintaining effective communication with LTA and their own workforce.

Enhancements to safety

5.     LTA also unveiled changes to a set of Safety, Health and Environmental requirements, which will be applicable to all new LTA rail and road projects starting with the Thomson Line. With these changes, contractors will be required to implement a Behaviour Based Safety programme aimed at correcting workers’ “at-risk” behaviour and reinforcing safe working attitudes to cultivate a good safety culture.

6.     LTA currently has a Safety Performance Scheme (SPS), which works as a system to encourage contractors to focus on safety. The scheme rewards good performers with an incentive bonus payout of up to $1.25 million throughout the construction duration, while those with relatively poorer performance will have discounted contractual payout.

7.     LTA plans to adjust the scheme to give higher incentive bonuses to good performers, while also upping the benchmark for bonus payout and discount. This means contractors will have to score higher to qualify for the bonus payout or to avoid incurring the contractual discount. We will also be re-looking the way we evaluate the contractors under the SPS.

8.     For future projects, LTA will also raise the evaluation score weightage for Safety during the evaluation process.

ASAC 2012 Winners

9.     Nineteen contractors were recognised for excellent Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) practices at the 14th ASAC this morning. The full list of winners is at Annex A.

10.   This year, a total of 55 participating contracts from various categories were eligible for the award. The finalists for the LTA Contractors Challenge Shield are shortlisted following a stringent audit, which includes a comprehensive review of the site’s WSH management system and worksite practices.

About ASAC

11.   ASAC was inaugurated in 1999 to recognise contractors who have been proactive and successful in promoting WSH management practices at their worksites, ensuring high health, safety and welfare standards of the workers, and giving due consideration to protecting the public and the environment.


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