Traffic Arrangements for 2012 FORMULA 1 SINGTEL SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX from 19 September 2012 to 25 September 2012

News Releases 17 Sep 2012 formula one (F1) road closures

1.     A series of road closures affecting the Marina Centre area will take place from 19 September 2012 to 25 September 2012 to facilitate the setting up and dismantling of the race infrastructure.

2.     Affected roads will be closed from 0001hrs, 19 September (Wednesday) to facilitate the set up of race infrastructure.  When the race is completed, the affected roads will reopen progressively and all roads will be fully accessible by 5am, 25 September (Tuesday) onwards.

3.     Motorists can use the following stretch of roads during the morning peak hours;

Pre-race and first race day (19 – 21 September)

  • A stretch of Fullerton Road, St Andrew’s Road and Stamford Road between 5am and 9.30am on 19 September (Wednesday) and 20 September (Thursday) Motorists from Nicoll Highway can also turn right into Stamford Rd towards Penang Road

  • Nicoll Highway, Esplanade Drive and the stretch from Republic Avenue to Bayfront Avenue from 5am to 9.30am  between 19 September (Wednesday) and 21 September (Friday)

Race weekend (22 - 23 September)

  • Nicoll Highway and Esplanade Drive between 5am and 9.30am on 22 September (Saturday).

Post-race day (24 September)

  • Nicoll Highway, Esplanade Drive, the stretch from Republic Avenue to Bayfront Avenue and Raffles Boulevard from 6am and 9.30am and between 5pm and 8.30pm.

4.     Motorists can also access the Marina Centre area through a single-lane along Nicoll Highway and Raffles Boulevard to get to the car parks of the various buildings within the Marina Centre area during the road closure period between:

Pre-race and first race day (19 – 21 September)

  • 10am and 5pm and 10pm and 6am on 19 to 21 September.

Race weekend (22 – 23 September):

  • Midnight to 1pm on 22 and 23 September.

Post race day (24 September)

  • 10am and 5pm and 10pm and 6am on 24 September

5.     Besides the single-lane, motorists can also enter the area via Temasek Boulevard from the ECP slip road to Rochor Road throughout the day.

6.     However, if traffic volumes are unusually high, access via these two routes will be regulated, depending on prevailing traffic conditions.

7.     While driving along these roads, motorists are strongly advised not to stop their vehicles indiscriminately so as not to obstruct the traffic flow. Traffic wardens will be deployed on site to direct traffic and assist the public. Road information and directional signs will be put up in the vicinity to direct motorists.

8.     Please refer to Annexes A1 to A4 for more details of roads that will be affected by the road closures and the different ways of entering Marina Bay. 

Non Operation of ERP Gantries during Race Week

9.         As the ERP gantries may interfere with sensitive video transmission equipment used for the race, the following ERP gantries that are within the proximity of the race circuit will not be in operation. Vehicles going under these gantries during the specified dates and time will not be charged:

ERP Gantry

Non Operation Dates and Time

New Bridge Road

20 September (Thursday) &
21 September (Friday)
between 6pm and 7pm

South Bridge Road

ECP (eastbound) from Ophir Road


20 September (Thursday) &
21 September (Friday)
between 6pm and 8pm

Temasek Boulevard

20 September (Thursday) and
21 September (Friday)
between 12pm and 8pm

22 September (Saturday)
between 12.30pm and 8pm

Republic Boulevard


Annex A1:   F1 2012 - Pedestrian Map
Annex A2:   F1 2012 - Pre-Race Map
Annex A3:   F1 2012 - Race Weekend Map
Annex A4:   F1 2012 - Post-Race Map

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