Launch of Land Transport Master Plan 2013

News Releases 07 Oct 2013 Land Transport Master Plan (LTMP)

Charting Singapore’s Land Transport Road Map for the Next 10 to 15 Years

        Minister for Transport, Mr Lui Tuck Yew, launched the Land Transport Master Plan (LTMP) 2013 at the Singapore International Transport Congress and Exhibition (SITCE) this morning. LTMP 2013 refreshes the LTMP 2008, and maps out new initiatives to take Singapore’s land transport forward for the next 10 to 15 years.

2.     Substantial progress has been made five years into LTMP 2008. As the macro environment has changed significantly since 2008, LTMP 2013 is a refreshed roadmap that addresses emerging challenges and identifies new initiatives to enable the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to deliver a transport network that better meets the needs of Singaporeans. Commuters’ travel experience will be enhanced, with more connections, better service and a transport system that builds a more liveable and inclusive community.

Listening to Our Commuters

3.     Since mid-2012, LTA gathered views and suggestions from the public as part of our review of LTMP 2008. Various forms of public consultation, including face-to-face sessions, online surveys, emails and grassroots engagements were conducted to reach out to many groups of society to understand how their travel experience can be improved. The feedback contributors represent a wide range of people, including public transport commuters, motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, youths, the elderly and less mobile, environmentalists, and academics. Over 1,700 feedback contributions were received.

4.     The consultations enabled LTA to better understand the key aspects of travel that people valued most. We know that our commuters would like to have a more comprehensive public transport network and better quality MRT and bus services. In addition, many wish that walking and cycling would be made more comfortable and safer. Various new initiatives have thus been formulated to address these needs and enhance the overall travel experience.

Enhancing Travel Experience

More Connections

5.     As part of LTMP 2013, we will create more connections through the construction of two new rail lines and three new extensions. The rail network will be expanded every year from now till 2021, with more to come between 2020 and 2030. By 2030, the rail network will have doubled from the existing 178km to about 360km, and eight in 10 homes will be located within a 10-minute walk from a train station. In addition, buses will connect our commuters to even more places, with new bus routes added to our bus network. About 40 new bus services will have been introduced by the end of 2014, since the launch of the Bus Service Enhancement Programme in September 2012, and we will review what else can be done beyond that.

6.     To improve the overall experience of commuters, especially in the first and last legs of their journeys, LTA will build more than 200km of sheltered walkways. More integrated transport hubs will also be built to enable commuters to switch between different types of transport easily, on top of convenient access to retail, dining and other lifestyle services. For cyclists, the island-wide cycling path network will eventually be well over 700km in length.

Better Service

7.     To shorten waiting times and provide more space on public transport, LTA is increasing the capacity of both rail and bus systems. More trains will be bought for all the existing rail lines. With an upgraded train signaling system, trains will arrive at stations more frequently during peak hours. More buses will ply the roads with the addition of some 800 buses to the overall bus fleet, under the Bus Service Enhancement Programme. In addition, greater priority to buses will be given on the roads so that commuters can travel faster to their destinations on public transport. LTA will also improve taxi availability, as taxis are an essential public transport service that serves commuters’ point-to-point transport needs.

8.     LTA aims to better understand commuter behavior to design initiatives, such as the free pre-peak travel scheme, to help our commuters travel smart. We will help them do so with better information to facilitate commuters’ journeys on various modes. In future, LTA will also make car-sharing services more accessible for commuters.

9.     With these initiatives in place, our goal by 2030 is that:

  • 75% of trips during peak hours will be made by public transport; and
  • 85% of the trips on public transport that are less than 20km will be completed within an hour.

Liveable and Inclusive Community

10.   Our public transport system is now largely barrier-free to cater to the diverse needs of the community. Under the LTMP 2013, we will do more to help the less mobile and elderly with the installation of lifts at more overhead bridges, longer road crossing time for the elderly and those with disabilities, and audio-tactile systems for the visually-handicapped at more traffic junctions.

11.   To support a high quality and sustainable way of life, LTA will build noise barriers and introduce other efforts to reduce noise levels. Also, efforts will be channeled towards promoting the use of lower emissions and environmentally-friendly vehicles. In the longer term, LTA will work with other agencies to reduce reliance on cars, and consider introducing more car-free/car-less zones.

Land Transport Master Plan Community Guide and Video

12.   As part of our efforts to help the community better understand the LTMP 2013, we have put together a community guide of the LTMP featuring bite-sized information accompanied with cartoons. To complement the guide, a white-board illustrator video explains our plans in greater detail.

13.   The LTMP 2013 community guide and video are available online at

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