A Better Commute Downtown With Downtown Line 1

News Releases 07 Dec 2013

A Better Commute Downtown with Downtown Line 1

New DTL1 to test effectiveness of music in stations, and new queue lines 
and reserved seat designs, in improving travel experience

When opened on 22 December 2013, commuters can look forward to a brand new MRT line, as well as a new commuting experience when they travel on the Downtown Line 1 (DTL1). The Land Transport Authority (LTA) will introduce new designs for queue lines and reserved seats. Ambient music will be played in all DTL1 stations.

Root Cause Survey

2.         The new initiatives are part of a trial aimed at improving overall commuting experience and are ideas from a study involving some 1,000 commuters conducted by LTA and the Singapore Kindness Movement between February and July 2013. The survey was commissioned to better understand the key factors contributing to the public transport experience, and explore the reasons behind ungracious commuter behaviour. The survey also helped to identify possible measures to enhance the travel experience.

3.         The survey showed that commuter behaviour has the strongest influence on the overall public transport experience. Besides commuter behaviour, the survey findings also highlighted other factors that contribute to the public transport experience, such as the design of the stations, as well as the environment of the stations.

New Designs for Queue Lines and Reserved Seats

4.         To ensure that commuters can move in and out of the trains in a more orderly manner, LTA will introduce new queue line designs for all the six DTL1 stations.

5.         At the Telok Ayer and Promenade DTL1 stations, the queue line design will be a set of lines drawn parallel to the platform screen doors to show clearly where commuters should queue. For the DTL1 stations at Chinatown, Downtown, Bayfront and Bugis, a modified version of the existing queue markings used in other MRT stations will be adopted. This modified design will come with a bigger “funnel” for commuters entering and exiting the trains. LTA will review the effectiveness of the two new designs before deciding if they should be introduced to other stations. Please refer to Annex A for the new queue line designs.

6.         LTA will also introduce four new reserved seat designs on the DTL1 trains. These striking designs will signal more clearly the seats’ intended use for commuters with mobility needs. Commuters can vote for the design which they feel would be most effective through SMS or Facebook when the DTL1 opens on 22 December. The voting will close on 1 February 2014. The result of the polls will help determine which design for reserved seats will be applied to all DTL1 trains. Please refer to Annex B for the new reserved seat designs.

First MRT Line with In-Station Music

7.         DTL1 will be the first MRT line to have background music played within all the stations. Aimed at providing a more pleasant environment for MRT commuters, LTA will review the feedback before evaluating if this initiative should be rolled out to other MRT stations.   

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