Standards for Road Patching

Media Replies 14 Dec 2013

We refer to Mr Ho Chee Khuen’s letter “Set standards for road patching” (ST Online, 5Dec).

Mr Ho may be referring to the utility services laying work, typically carried out during off peak hours to minimise inconvenience to road users. To allow the affected lanes to be re-opened to traffic as soon as possible during the peak hours, we require the contractors to temporarily reinstate the excavated area at the end of every work day. For this temporary reinstatement, the contractors are required to ensure that the edges of the excavation are neatly cut, and the reinstated road level should not be more than 10mm from the existing road level to minimise bumpiness. 

When all works are completed, the contractors are required to carry out a permanent reinstatement, which includes proper resurfacing of the entire lane, within 3 weeks. 


We thank Mr Ho for his feedback.



Helen Lim (Ms)

Director, Media Relations

Land Transport Authority

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