Combination of measures balances approach to traffic management

Media Replies 09 Feb 2013

We refer to Mr William Ng Siu Hei’s letter ‘Look into redesigning traffic light sequence, pedestrian crossings’ (TODAY, 1 Feb).

LTA adopts a variety of measures to ensure smooth-flowing traffic, while keeping our dense road network safe for all road users.

At signalised T-or X-junctions, left-turning and right-turning vehicles can proceed when the traffic signals allow them to move, but must always give way to any pedestrians crossing the road. These would be junctions that give drivers sufficient sight distance to watch out for pedestrians. It is only when the red man signal is activated and pedestrians are no longer crossing the road that these turning vehicles have the right-of-way. We have put in measures such as turning pockets, guiding lines or lighted road studs at locations where needed, to remind motorists to give way to pedestrians when turning. This arrangement is commonly used in many cities and allows better traffic flow at junctions where motorists have adequate means to watch out for pedestrians.

At junctions where motorists’ sight distance may be impeded due to the constraints in road geometry such as a blind spot or a structure, we have put in additional measures to ensure that pedestrian safety is not compromised. For instance, at such junctions, Red-Amber-Green (RAG) arrows regulate the movements of motorists and pedestrians.

With this as background, we would carefully review Mr Ng’s suggestion to site signalised pedestrian crossings away from junctions and see if this is suitable in our local context.

We thank Mr Ng for his suggestions.

Helen Lim (Ms)
Director, Media Relations and Public Education
Land Transport Authority

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