Picky cabbies face penalties

Media Replies 21 Feb 2013

We refer to the letters from Mr Peter Lim (“Clamp down on picky cabbies”) and Ms Ada Chan Siew Foen (“Taxi drivers shouldn’t choose passengers") in The Straits Times (9 and 15 February 2013).

Taxi drivers are not allowed to pick and choose their fares without valid reasons e.g. are on call, changing shift.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) views all complaints seriously and will not hesitate to take stern action. Taxi drivers found guilty of such an offence will be penalised under the Vocational Licence Points System (VLPS) with a fine of $300 and 6 demerit points if he refuses a passenger without valid reason.

Passengers who encounter such errant drivers can report the matter to the LTA at 1800 CALL LTA (1800-225 5582), with details of the taxi's registration number, date, time and a brief account of the incident to facilitate investigations.

Helen Lim (Ms)
Director, Media Relations and Public Education
Land Transport Authority

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