Public Transport Overall Satisfaction Dips in 2012; Measures to Address Areas of Dissatisfaction will be Taken

News Releases 12 Mar 2013 Public Transport Customer Satisfaction Survey (PTCSS)

1.         About 9 in 10 or 88.8% of respondents surveyed were satisfied with Singapore’s overall public transport services based on the Public Transport Customer Satisfaction Survey (PTCSS) 2012, conducted in October last year by SIM University (UniSIM). This is a dip of 1.5 percentage points from 90.3% in 2011. On a 10-point rating scale1, overall satisfaction level stood at 7.0, 0.1 point down from 7.1 recorded in 2011.  

Highlights of survey findings

2.        Of the eight service attributes surveyed2, respondents ranked ‘travel time’ as the most important service attribute, followed by ‘safety and security’, and ‘waiting time’.    82.8% of those surveyed were satisfied with the ‘travel time’ on our public transport system, 86.5% were satisfied with ‘safety and security’, and 64.1% were satisfied with ‘waiting time’. The percentage of commuters satisfied with ‘travel time’ improved in 2012 compared to 2011. On the other hand, ‘safety and security’ and ‘waiting time’ received lower ratings and percentages of satisfied commuters in 2012. The dips in satisfaction levels may be a reflection of increased ridership, with average daily ridership increasing by about 5.9% to 6.13 million in 2012.

3.        Specific to MRT services, 92.1% of respondents were satisfied compared to 94.6% one year ago. Moderate drops in satisfaction were recorded on ‘reliability’ and ‘safety and security’ attributes with 82.1% and 91.8% respectively of respondents satisfied, compared to 85.2% and 94.2% in 2011. This could be attributed to the occurrence of a number of significant train disruptions over the past year leading to worsened perceptions of ‘reliability’. The attributes which showed improvement were ‘comfort’ and ‘waiting time’, possibly as a result of the additional train trips injected by the Public Transport Operators (PTOs) in conjunction with the completion of the Jurong East Modification Project (JEMP) and progressive addition of 22 new trains.

4.        For bus services, commuter satisfaction level stood at 86.4%, a dip of 0.7 percentage points from 87.1% in 2011. Nonetheless, more respondents (79%) were satisfied with bus ‘travel time’, up a significant 3 percentage points from 76% in 2011. This could be attributed to the targeted improvements that LTA and the bus operators have put in as part of the on-going bus services quarterly review process.

5.        Overall, although satisfaction levels and ratings generally fell compared to last year, a majority (63.6%) of respondents felt that public transport had improved from last year. This could possibly be attributed to recognition by commuters of the various efforts put in to improve public transport services.

Enhancing public transport service levels

6.        LTA will continue to work closely with the PTOs to improve train service reliability and incident management. Please refer to the LTA website for the latest statistics on service disruptions for our MRT and LRT systems (click here for link to the LTA website).

7.        LTA will also introduce new Operating Performance Standards (OPS) and will tighten Codes of Practice (COPs) relating to maintenance. In addition to greater emphasis on preventive maintenance and detection of potential future problems, LTA has also enhanced its regulatory framework to improve train services. These initiatives will make the MRT system more resilient and commuters can expect better reliability.

8.        Commuters can also expect more frequent, reliable and less crowded buses as well as better connectivity with the addition of 800 new buses and 40 new bus services in the next five years under the on-going Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP). By end of 2012, 89 new BSEP buses had been added to improve 54 existing bus services with heavy ridership and to operate 5 new bus services.

Annex A:   Details of PTCSS 2012


1 Respondents were asked to provide a rating of 1–10 on their level of satisfaction where 1 represented ‘not satisfied’ and 10 represented ‘very satisfied’.

2 Respondents were asked to rank eight service attributes: Waiting time, reliability, service information, bus interchange/ bus stop/ MRT station accessibility, comfort, travel time, customer service, and safety and security, for each public transport mode.


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