Enhancement plan: Most new buses are feeder and trunk services

Media Replies 02 Mar 2013


We refer to Mr Kuek Xiu Hao’s letter “More trunk bus services needed, not peak hour-only premium ones” in The Straits Times, 25 Feb 2013.
We are happy to note that Mr Kuek appreciates some of the new bus services introduced under the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP). 
The majority of the 40 new bus services under BSEP are trunk and feeder/short trunk services, which will typically be added in areas where there are more new public housing developments to connect residents to key transport nodes like MRT stations as well as fulfilling local connectivity needs. 
Of the 40 new bus services, 8 are new parallel services, similar to express services. Bus services such as 513 and 850E give commuters an alternative way to get to the city during the peak periods. These routes are not intended to mirror the rail lines, but are designed to target commuters who would otherwise have had to make a bus transfer to get onto the train to the city.
We started the parallel services with a few trips during peak periods to assess demand. We are closely monitoring the services and will make adjustments if demand warrants. 
We thank Mr Kuek for his feedback. 
Helen Lim (Ms) 
Director, Media Relations & Public Education 
Land Transport Authority 
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