Measures being taken to resolve Changi congestion

Media Replies 01 Mar 2013

WE THANK Mr Matthew Ong Koon Lock for his feedback ("Ease daily traffic jam in Changi"; Forum Online, Feb 13).

Besides serving the developments within the airport cargo terminal, Tanah Merah Coast Road and Changi Coast Road also serve as a key route for a large number of construction vehicles heading towards the Changi Staging Ground - the main site for the construction industry to dispose of excavated materials.

The high traffic demand, as well as indiscriminate queue-cutting from some motorists, has resulted in congestion, especially during the morning peak hours.

To alleviate the congestion, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) is working closely with the HDB, which manages the Changi Staging Ground, to identify measures to improve the traffic situation.
In the short term, the LTA will put in double white lines before the junction of Changi Coast Road and Tanah Merah Coast Road to deter queue-cutting. It will work closely with the Traffic Police to enforce this.

The LTA will also adjust the traffic light timings to facilitate better traffic flow along Tanah Merah Coast Road in the direction towards the staging ground.

In the longer term, the LTA is reviewing plans to increase the overall capacity of Tanah Merah Coast Road to meet the traffic demand along this stretch.

In addition, the LTA is also working with HDB to better manage the flow of the construction vehicles going to the staging ground.

Helen Lim (Ms)
Director, Media Relations and Public Education
Land Transport Authority

Chua Kok Eng
Director (Infrastructure & Reclamation)
Housing & Development Board

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