Widening of Pasir Panjang Road and West Coast Road

News Releases 25 Apr 2013 road widening

     The Land Transport Authority will be widening a 3.9km stretch of Pasir Panjang Road and West Coast Road between South Buona Vista Road and West Coast Link to facilitate smoother traffic flow.

2. This stretch of road is currently a dual one-lane road that serves as a key connection to the Science Park and West Coast areas. When widened to dual two-lanes, it will increase the overall road capacity to meet the expected increase in traffic volumes due to new developments along the West Coast corridor as well as within Science Park. The widening will also facilitate smoother movement for buses.

3. LTA has been improving the overall road network along the entire West Coast Road corridor progressively. In 2011, LTA completed the construction of a flyover at the junction of West Coast Highway and Clementi Road, as well as improved the traffic junction at Clementi Road.

4. LTA will call a tender for the project in the coming weeks. The widening works are expected to begin in the 4th quarter of 2013 and complete by the 1st quarter of 2017. The contractors engaged by LTA will erect temporary barriers where possible to minimise noise and any inconvenience to residents and occupants living or working in close proximity to the works.

5. Please refer to Annex A for the location plan.

Land Acquisition and Vesting of Land

6.  To facilitate the widening works, the Government will need to acquire private lands along Pasir Panjang Road under the Land Acquisition Act. No buildings are affected. Only areas such as fencing, drains, open spaces and grass verges are affected. The Singapore Land Authority (SLA) has gazetted the lands affected by the acquisition. Landowners who are directly affected will receive the acquisition notices today.

7. Please refer to Annex B for the list of private lands that will be acquired.

8. Several other parcels of land will also be affected by the road widening project. The land affected, mainly fencing, drains and grass verges, had been safeguarded earlier for road reserve as part of the overall land use plan for the area. These will now be vested in the Government. The affected owners were made aware of this at that point of development or redevelopment of their properties.

9.  SLA and LTA are in touch with the affected landowners to assist them with their queries and concerns.

Jointly issued by LTA and SLA

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