Longer Green Man Time for Elderly and Disabled Pedestrians at 239 More Pedestrian Crossings

News Releases 13 May 2013 Green Man Plus (GMP)

1.     Elderly and disabled pedestrians can expect longer green man time at more pedestrian crossings when the Land Transport Authority (LTA) expands the Green Man + (Green Man Plus) scheme to another 239 pedestrian crossings.

2.    “We have received positive feedback and suggestions since the implementation of the Green Man+ scheme. We will expand this scheme to more locations. When the second phase is completed in 2015,   more elderly and disabled pedestrians will benefit from  a comprehensive coverage of Green Man +,” explained Dr Chin Kian Keong, LTA’s Group Director for Road Operations and Community Partnership and Group Director, Transportation and Ticketing Technology.   

3.     LTA will call tender for the expansion in May 2013. Implementation works will begin from the fourth quarter of this year and are expected to complete by 2015 (Please refer to Annex A for the locations of the 239 pedestrian crossings under the expansion plans).

4.     Introduced in October 2009, the Green Man + scheme allows senior citizens and pedestrians with disabilities more green man time to cross the road when they tap their senior citizen concession or Green Man + cards on the card reader on the traffic light pole (Please refer to Annex B for photo of the Green Man + card reader).

5.    The additional green man time can be extended up to 13 seconds depending on the size of the crossing. On average, most of the selected pedestrian crossings have 6 seconds more green man time.

6.     In May 2012, LTA extended the scheme to 256 pedestrian crossings in 15 housing estates, including 6 additional locations within some estates based on public feedback (Please refer to Annex C for the locations of the existing 256 Green Man + pedestrian crossings).

7.     With the latest expansion plans, the Green Man + scheme will be available at a total of 495 pedestrian crossings in 30 housing estates.

Annex A:   List of 239 pedestrian crossings to be implemented with Green Man + by 2015
Annex B:   Photo of Green Man + Card reader
Annex C:   List of existing 256 pedestrian crossings with the Green Man + function

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