Collaborative approach to solving traffic issues at Jalan Lempeng

Media Replies 23 May 2013

We refer to Mr Tan Yeow Hwa’s letter “Authorities should address changing traffic load in residential areas” (TODAY, 15 May 2013).

To ensure that residents are not unduly inconvenienced by any new development works, LTA work closely with the relevant agencies and the developers of new developments to minimise any potential traffic impact during construction as well as after the development is completed. For example, developers are required to conduct a Traffic Impact Assessment, if the scale of the development exceeds a certain size and/or it is located in an area with already high traffic volume. The relevant agencies including LTA, will study these proposals and recommend necessary adjustments based on the local conditions and future development plans for the area. To ensure that these works do not affect traffic during the construction phase, LTA also work closely with the developers and their contractors to develop suitable mitigation plans.

In the case of Jalan Lempeng, LTA had met up with Nan Hua Primary School together with the developer of the new condominium and their contractor. Arising from the meeting, the contractor has sited the construction access away from the school’s main activity area, and restricted the movement of their vehicles within the segment of Jalan Lempeng between their construction access and Clementi Ave 6. Together with relevant agencies, LTA has also issued an advisory to all construction sites in the area to remind heavy vehicle drivers to be mindful of the presence of school children and to use Clementi Ave 6 as much as possible.

To further enhance safety, LTA will introduce a pedestrian refuge at the centre of the zebra crossing fronting the school as well as the one fronting the condominium development to improve safety and as a traffic calming measure to slow down motorists. We also plan to convert the zebra crossing fronting the condominium to a signalised pedestrian crossing. The conversion will be carried out as part of the road widening works for Jalan Lempeng fronting the condominium to cater to the increase in traffic volume.

We will continue to work closely with the school, the condominium developer and their contractor to ensure a safe environment for all road users.                                                            

We thank Mr Tan for his feedback.


Helen Lim (Ms)

Director, Media Relations and Public Education

Land Transport Authority

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