'Dismount and push' cycling reminders at more crossings

Media Replies 16 Jun 2013

We refer to Mr Chin Kee Thou’s letter, ‘Don't forget signs for cyclists’ (Sunday Times, 9 Jun).

For safety reasons, it is important for cyclists to slow down when they approach a junction and to dismount from their bicycles to push their bicycles across a junction or pedestrian crossing. We have therefore have installed “Dismount and Push” signs at pedestrian crossings with high volume of bicycle and pedestrian traffic. These signs have also been installed by the National Parks Board along the Park Connectors that continue across junctions and zebra crossings.

Besides these signs, we have also painted markings on the road reminding cyclists to dismount and push their bicycles at some zebra crossings in Tampines Town. These markings have been well- received by the community and we will be extending them to more locations both within and outside Tampines estate.

We thank Mr Chin for the opportunity to clarify.


Helen Lim (Ms)
Director, Media Relations
Land Transport Authority


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