Temporary Closure along Keppel Road and Slip Road from ECP (AYE) (Exit 18)

Road Announcements 05 Jul 2013

As part of the widening works for Keppel Viaduct, the following road will be temporarily closed to traffic from 1am to 5am daily :


Closure Date

Alternative Route

Slip Road to Keppel Road from ECP(AYE)- Exit 18

8 to 12 July 2013

Route 1 – Use Prince Edward Road (Exit 17) to Shenton Way. Turn right to Keppel Road.

Route 2 – Use AYE (Exit 2A) to Keppel Road (Telok Blangah Road). U-turn at Keppel Road/Kampong Bahru Road Junction to Keppel Road (Shenton Way)

Refer Map A

Keppel Road (towards Telok Blangah Road) between Cantonment Road and Cantonment Link

10 to 11 July 2013

Use PSA Gate 1 Parallel Slip Road for Keppel Road and Cantonment Link

Refer Map B

Keppel Road (towards ECP) between Cantonment Link and Cantonment Road


11 to 12 July 2013


Use Cantonment Link and turn right to Cantonment Road. Turn left for Keppel Road(towards ECP)

Refer Map C

At-grade Keppel Road (towards Kampong Bahru Road) after Keppel Flyover [AYE(Tuas)]

10 to 12 July 2013


Use Keppel Flyover to AYE(Tuas) and exit AYE(Tuas) at Exit 3. Turn left to Lower Delta Road and use Kampong Bahru Road for Telok Blangah Road.

Refer Map D

Please refer to the attached maps for more details.

Directional and information signs will be placed in advance of the road closure area to inform and guide motorists. Motorists are advised to drive safely.

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