98% Say They Queue Up and Give Way to Alighting MRT Passengers. Do You?

News Releases 21 Aug 2013 graciousness

Posters and stickers encourage commuters to do the right thing   

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) will launch a series of posters and stickers from tomorrow to highlight positive behaviour and encourage more commuters to follow the majority by doing the right thing.

2. Based on a recent survey of 1,000 commuters, 98% say they queue up and give way to alighting passengers, while 96% say they move in for others to board the trains and 94% say they give up their seat to those who need them more. To amplify how many do the right thing, the LTA is launching a series of posters and stickers from tomorrow that highlight courteous behaviour to encourage more commuters to follow the majority by doing the right thing.

3. The posters and stickers illustrate positive social norms to encourage courteous behaviour.  Commuters will see them at different commuter touch points island wide, including  train windows, platform screen doors, as well as on buses and at bus shelters.  Please refer to the Annex A for the different poster designs.   

4. “As LTA builds more rail lines and adds buses and improves many aspects of commuting  we want to also show that commuters themselves, by being considerate, is  a very powerful piece of travel “infrastructure” too. Many do make an effort to queue, move inside and give up their seat. We want to recognise that effort and remind commuters that we can do a lot to affect our own journeys and those of others when we are considerate.” said Ms Tammie Loke, Group Director for Corporate Communications.
About the Graciousness Programme 2013

5. The series of posters are part of this the “Make it Right for a Better Ride” programme , which encourages commuters to be more gracious on public transport and bring the smile back into commuting. The programme is organised by LTA, together with the Public Transport Council, SBS Transit and SMRT Ltd and the Singapore Kindness Movement.  

6.  Now in its fourth year, this year’s programme adopts a ground-up approach that encourages commuters to share what it means to them to be gracious on public transport. Earlier this year, LTA rolled out a series of posters and stickers in the public transport network featuring selected winning entries from students as well as reflections from working adults and seniors on what it means to be gracious.

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