17 Pedestrian Overhead Bridges to Get a Lift in Pedestrian Connectivity

News Releases 10 Sep 2013 pedestrian overhead bridge (POB)

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has called tenders to retrofit 17 existing pedestrian overhead bridges (POBs) and allow for the installation of lifts. The locations of the 17 POBs are listed in Annex A.

2. The installation of lifts at these POBs is part of efforts to further enhance accessibility to our transport infrastructure, especially for the less mobile. In January this year, Minister for Transport Lui Tuck Yew announced that LTA will extend the installation of lifts to about another 40 POBs island-wide. The 17 POBs are the first batch of the 40 POBs to be retrofitted. This is in addition to the ongoing works to install lifts at 6 POBs next to MRT stations. 

3. LTA has conducted site surveys as part of the preparatory work to ensure that it is technically feasible to install the lifts at the selected POBs. LTA will announce the locations of the remaining POBs by early next year.

4. The additional POBs are selected based on the following criteria: 

(a) They are located within 200m of MRT stations, bus interchanges/integrated transport hubs, within 100m of bus hubs & LRT stations and 100m of health institutions, welfare homes, homes for the aged and schools for special needs children;
(b) The provision of a new at-grade pedestrian crossing is technically not feasible;
(c) There is sufficiently high usage of the POB, with no barrier-free alternatives nearby; and
(d) The retrofitting of lifts at the POB is cost-effective and technically feasible.

5. Construction will begin early next year and the lifts will be progressively completed from 2016 onwards.

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