Improving Real Time Traffic Information for Motorists

News Releases 13 Sep 2013 electronic signboards

LTA Begins Works to Enhance Existing EMAS Signboards on Expressways;
EMAS Arterial To Be Implemented on 4 More Road Corridors

1.     From 16 September 2013, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) will begin physical works to enhance existing electronic signboards along the expressways. LTA will also install 70 new electronic signboards along four more road corridors as part of the EMAS Arterial project.

Enhancing Existing EMAS

2.     LTA will replace the 380 existing EMAS electronic signboards island-wide with new electronic signboards. 13 new signboards will also be installed. The new signboards will allow for better capability and flexibility in displaying textual messages and simple graphics in up to seven colours (green, red, blue, cyan, purple, yellow and white). These enhancements will improve the readability of the messages and allow motorists to make better informed travel decisions through graphical representations.

3.     The new EMAS signboards are part of the overall upgrading work for the entire EMAS along the expressways that LTA is undertaking. The entire enhancement project will be completed by 2017. The new electronic signboards will be installed first along the Central Expressway (CTE), the East Coast Parkway (ECP) as well as along stretches of Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE) and Pan Island Expressway (PIE) near the Woodlands and Tuas Checkpoints. These first batch of signboards are expected to be completed and in operation by first half of 2014.

4.     To ensure consistency for motorists, the new electronic signboards will continue to display text messages when installation works are ongoing. The full features of the enhanced signboards including both text and graphics will be used after all new signboards are installed along each expressway.

5.     First launched in 1998, EMAS was installed to detect and manage incidents on expressways. Through a comprehensive system comprising live video surveillance, incident detection and real-time traffic alert functions, EMAS has been effective in helping the LTA to promptly respond and manage congestions arising from traffic incidents, such as vehicle breakdowns and accidents, on the expressways.

Extending EMAS Arterial to 4 More Road Corridors

6.     LTA will also install new electronic signboards, also known as EMAS Arterial Variable Message Signs (AVMS), to 4 arterial roads and provide motorists using these 4 roads with real time traffic information. The new AVMS are part of the project to extend the EMAS scheme to 10 arterial road corridors by 2014. Six road corridors have already been installed with AVMS in 2012.

7.     A total of 70 new AVMS will be installed along the 4 road corridors from September 2013 onwards. These selected arterial road corridors are highly utilised by motorists and serve as alternative routes to the expressways. Please refer to Annex A for the list of road corridors.

8.     The extension of the EMAS coverage to major arterial road corridors will bring about better information dissemination and, consequently, better traffic flow on the road network island-wide.

Annex A: List of Major Arterial Road Corridors with EMAS or which will have EMAS and Strategic Importance of Each Corridor

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