Commuters Still Able To Use The Vertical Handrails Within The Train

Media Replies 06 Sep 2013

We refer to the letter by Ms Zhuo Yu Huan, “Hope North East Line restores vertical poles” (Lianhe Zaobao, 30 August).

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is modifying trains on the North South East West Lines, North East Line and Circle Line to add two rows of overhead hand rails between seats to provide more handholds. This will provide three rows of overhead handrails in the area between the seats.  While we are removing the vertical poles near the door area,  vertical grab poles in the centre of the cabin between the seats will remain.  Commuters who are not able to reach the overhead handrails or grab handles can also hold on to these grab poles as well as those at the end of the seat bays. 

Prior to the modification, LTA conducted a trial and observed that more commuters moved further into the centre of car using the overhead handrails. Also, the removal of the poles near the train doors leads to less crowding near the train door area and enables passengers to move in and out of the train more easily.  Overall,  passenger distribution was more uniform.

We thank Ms Zhuo for her feedback.










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