MCE Traffic Conditions on 2 January 2014

News Releases 02 Jan 2014

On 2 January 2014, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) observed smooth traffic within the Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE) tunnel and along key roads in the vicinity of the MCE, such as Central Boulevard and Marina Boulevard, during the morning and evening peak hours.

2.      Based on LTA’s traffic monitoring, traffic volume using MCE and the adjoining roads today was generally about 80% to 90% of that during a typical weekday.

3.        LTA has put up more temporary signs at key approaches to alert motorists of the road network changes and the best approaches to their destination.  We will continue to deploy our traffic wardens to help direct motorists, and to adjust traffic light timing to facilitate traffic flow.  

4.       We will continue to monitor the traffic conditions closely. We seek motorists’ cooperation and understanding as all of us adjust to the new expressway and road configuration.

5.       Motorists may find the following travel advisory useful: 



Travelling from ECP to AYE

From ECP


Join MCE at Exit 14B near Fort Road


Travelling from ECP to CBD

From ECP

To Shenton Way or Anson Road

Use MCE Exit 1 to Maxwell Road

To Marina South area

Use MCE Exit 3 to Central Boulevard


Use Sheares Avenue (Sheares Bridge)


Travelling from Ophir Road to AYE

From Ophir Road


Use other arterial roads or CTE to connect with AYE



Travelling from AYE to ECP

From AYE


Continue journey on MCE to join ECP (Changi) at Exit 5


Travelling from AYE to CBD

From AYE

To Shenton Way or Anson Road Area

Exit AYE at Exit 2B and use Keppel Road / Anson Road


Use CTE and take Exit 2 to Merchant Road

To Marina South area

Exit MCE at Exit 2 to Central Boulevard


Travelling from CBD to ECP

From CBD (Marina South)


Use Sheares Avenue (Sheares Bridge) to join ECP

 From CBD (Tanjong Pagar/Shenton Way)

Use  Keppel Road to enter MCE and take Exit 5 to join ECP(Changi)

6          For more information on how to use the MCE, please refer to the attached map. Motorists can also refer to the LTA homepage. 

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