Colour codes, visual cues to be considered for road diversions

Media Replies 16 Jan 2014

We refer to letters by Mr Ronald Chan Wai Hong, ‘Colour-code Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE) lanes, surrounding areas to guide motorists’ and Ms Mary Maloney, ‘Rectify traffic plans in Marina area’ (TODAY, 8 Jan).                

Mr Chan suggested using colour codes or other visual cues for roads,  so as to better guide motorists.  Such cues could be especially useful  when motorists are unfamiliar with the road network --  for example when there is a new road, or temporary road diversions. However, such an approach will require users to be aware of what these colours or visual cues mean.  We will look into this suggestion and consider this or a variation of it for  road diversions.  

Currently, for permanent roads and road systems that motorists are familiar with, we make use of directional signs to direct motorists to their destinations. At certain locations and temporary road diversions where more guidance may be needed, we also provide additional signs or destination names marked on the traffic lanes to inform motorists of the destinations on these lanes. This approach has served us well and is consistent with existing traffic rules, and international practice.

Due to physical constraints, some road works in the Marina South area can only be carried out after the MCE opens and part of the ECP truncated. These road works are needed to remove the existing ECP structure between Central Boulevard and Prince Edward Road, so as to straighten Central Boulevard and Marina Boulevard.

The traffic on MCE and connecting roads has been smooth flowing since 31 December 2013.  We have also made localised adjustments to address the traffic issue at One Raffles Quay.  We thank motorists for their suggestions to improve MCE traffic, and for their patience and understanding as all of us get used to the new road network.


Helen Lim (Ms)
Director, Media Relations
Land Transport Authority

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