Regular checks and works done to improve road conditions

Media Replies 11 Jan 2014

We refer to Mr Raymund Koh Joo Guan’s letter “Bumpy ride on some roads” (ST, 25 Dec).

Under LTA’s maintenance regime, road defects are identified and detected through regular inspections. LTA also welcomes public feedback. In addition to the planned preventive works, we carry out prompt rectification works for defects found during the inspections. For critical defects, such as potholes, we will carry out repair works within 24 hours. For defects that do not impact safety, but affects riding quality, we rectify them within the subsequent weeks. For other minor defects without safety or major riding quality concerns, such as surface cracks, we will treat or rectify them during the next scheduled maintenance of the road.

To provide a safe and smooth driving experience for motorists, we conduct road condition surveys regularly to monitor the riding quality and skid resistance of our major roads and expressways. We use the Laser Profilometer to determine the undulation of road surfaces, and a Sideway-force Coefficient Routine Investigation Machine to measure the wet skidding resistance level of wet road surfaces. The results from such surveys help LTA to plan and prioritise our works among other considerations.

For the cases highlighted by Mr Koh, we already have scheduled improvements in our maintenance. For some of the cases, we have carried out interim repairs. When the permanent resurfacing works, which requires more time, are completed, it will provide a smoother driving experience for the motorists.

We thank Mr Koh for his feedback and assure Mr Koh that LTA has a comprehensive inspection and rectification regime to improve road conditions.

Helen Lim (Ms)

Director, Media Relations

Land Transport Authority

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