Five More Peak Period Short Services to be Launched Progressively from End 2014 - Less Crowding, Shorter Waiting Times for Feeder Bus Services

News Releases 14 Oct 2014 Peak Period Short Services (PPSS) Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP)

  1. Two private bus operators (PBOs) have been awarded contracts to operate five Peak Period Short Services (PPSS) for two years under the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP). The five PPSS will overlay existing feeder bus services to connect residents in Ang Mo Kio, Clementi, Yishun and Woodlands to nearby bus interchanges and/or MRT stations. These PPSS will be launched progressively from end 2014. This is the third batch of PPSS to be awarded by the LTA, bringing the total number of PPSS to 14 to date.
  2. All five PPSS will run at least five trips per hour during peak periods on weekday mornings and evenings, excluding public holidays. These additional services will help to alleviate crowding, reduce waiting times and improve reliability of feeder bus services during peak hours. More trips may be added depending on the demand for these services. Further details will be announced closer to the implementation dates.

Routes Awarded

  1. Bus-Plus Services Pte Ltd has been awarded four PPSS:
    1. PPSS from Ang Mo Kio Bus Interchange to Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 to complement SBST Bus Service 265 (contract value: about $780,000),
    2. PPSS from Clementi Bus Interchange to West Coast Road to complement SBST Bus Service 285 (contact value: about $1.2 million),
    3. PPSS from Yishun Bus Interchange to Yishun Avenue 1 to complement SMRT Bus Service 811 (contract value: about $1.0 million), and
    4. PPSS from Yishun Bus Interchange to Yishun Avenue 3 to complement SMRT Bus Service 812 (contract value: about $1.0 million).
  2. Rui Feng Chartered Pte Ltd has been awarded the PPSS from Woodlands Bus Interchange to Marsiling Lane, complementing SMRT Bus Service 903 (contract value: about $1.3 million).
  3. The PPSS initiative is in line with the Ministry of Transport’s announcement at the Committee of Supply 2013 to tap the resources of PBOs to run short bus services to augment the resources of the public transport operators (PTOs). The tendering process allows the most cost-efficient operators to win the rights to operate these services. Successful operators have to apply for bus service licences from the Public Transport Council (PTC), which regulates bus services.

Annex A: Route maps of the five Peak Period Short Services

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