More Effective and Extensive Coverage for EMAS Electronic Signboards

News Releases 29 Oct 2014 emas electronic signboards

- Enhanced EMAS signboards on CTE and ECP
- EMAS Arterial completed on ten major road corridors

1. Motorists can look forward to a better driving experience with a series of enhancements to the EMAS electronic signboards that will improve readability of traffic messages.

2. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has completed the installation of new enhanced EMAS signboards that can display both textual and graphical messages on the Central Expressway (CTE) and East Coast Parkway (ECP). LTA has also completed the installation of 70 new electronic signboards along four more major arterial road corridors – as part of the EMAS Arterial project – to provide motorists with real-time traffic information at more roads. 

3. The enhanced and new electronic signboards will be turned on from 2 November 2014.

4. First launched in 1998, EMAS was installed to detect and manage incidents on expressways. Through a comprehensive system comprising live video surveillance, incident detection and real-time traffic alert functions, EMAS has been effective in helping the LTA to promptly respond and manage congestions arising from traffic incidents, such as vehicle breakdowns and accidents, on the expressways. Motorists upstream of these traffic incidents also get advanced information on electronic signboards.

Enhanced EMAS Signboards on Two Expressways

5. The enhanced EMAS signboards along CTE and ECP is part of the overall EMAS upgrading work that the LTA is undertaking for the expressway network.  Works along the other expressways has started and the signboards will be progressively implemented, and complete by 2017.

6. With the enhanced EMAS signboards, motorists will be informed of traffic conditions through both textual messages and simple graphics of up to seven colours .

7. Travel time information on electronic signboards located prior to entry to the CTE and ECP will also be colour-coded. The graphic and colour enhancements are expected to improve the readability of messages and help motorists to make more informed travel decisions.

8. Please refer to Annex A for an illustration of how the traffic messages and travel time information are displayed on the enhanced signboards.

Real-Time Traffic Updates along Four Major Arterial Roads

9. Besides upgrading the existing EMAS signs on expressways, LTA has also completed the installation of 70 new electronic signboards, also known as EMAS Arterial Variable Message Signs (AVMS) along four major arterial roads. With this completion, LTA have completed the extension of EMAS scheme to ten major arterial road corridors. Since 2012, new signboards have already been installed along six other road corridors. Please refer to Annex B for the list of road corridors.

10. The extension of the EMAS coverage to major arterial road corridors will allow better information dissemination and, consequently, better traffic flow on the road network island-wide.

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