Seniors in Bukit Merah View First to Benefit from New Silver Zone

News Releases 19 Oct 2014 Silver Zone

  1. Residents in Bukit Merah View will be the first among five estates[1] to benefit from the Land Transport Authority’s (LTA) new Silver Zone programme. Announced earlier this year, a series of senior-friendly road safety features will be installed in five locations with a high senior population and relatively higher accident rates involving seniors.
  2. At the launch this morning, Parliamentary Secretary for Transport, and Chairman of the Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety Committee (PCSC), Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim said, “The Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety Committee is particularly focused on enhancing road safety for vulnerable road users such as senior pedestrians. As Singapore’s senior population continues to grow by an average of 32,000 every year, we need to start investing in senior-friendly infrastructure, starting at residential estates with high senior populations. We have taken a close look at some of the best practices overseas, and designed the new Silver Zone to improve road safety for our seniors.”

Silver Zone Road Safety Features                                                                                              

  1. Silver Zones are fitted with road safety features that remind motorists to slow down and keep a careful lookout for pedestrians, as well as urge senior pedestrians to be vigilant when crossing the road. The features are based on best practices overseas, such as in South Korea and New York City, where similar zones have been established.

Silver Zone Gateway

  1. Entrances to a Silver Zone are treated with a series of special features, also known as the Silver Zone Gateway, to alert motorists to slow down and look out for pedestrians.
  2. At each Silver Zone Gateway, signs are erected to inform motorists that they are entering a Silver Zone. These signs are complemented by three rumble strips, which are yellow strips painted on the road to slow motorists down. A ‘40’ road marking is painted after the rumble strips to remind motorists to observe the lower speed limit of 40km/h.

Measures to Improve Pedestrian Safety for Seniors

  1. The Silver Zone includes features that will make it easier for senior pedestrians to cross the road, such as the Eye-land, which is an enlarged centre divider complemented with speed humps. These speed humps encourage motorists to slow down while the large centre divider, landscaped to create a greener environment, provides a two-stage crossing to allow pedestrians to look out for traffic from one direction at a time. Crossings within the Silver Zones will also come with ramp-downs for the convenience of senior pedestrians, residents with baby strollers and persons with disabilities.

Measures to Deter Speeding

  1. Within the zone, there are several new traffic calming features to discourage motorists from speeding. Chicanes are curves located along sections of a road to prompt motorists to slow down. Besides chicanes, pinch points, or sections of roads where lane widths are narrowed, are introduced to slow motorists down. The legal speed limit within Silver Zones is also lowered to 40km/h, where possible. 

Customised Features for Pedestrians

  1. Several existing traffic calming measures have also been modified to better serve the needs of pedestrians in Silver Zones. The familiar white “LOOK” markings at zebra crossings will be painted in bright yellow to make them more visible to seniors, and placed at pedestrian crossings to remind pedestrians to ensure the road is clear before crossing. In addition, a bold, yellow line at the ramp downs of each additional crossing serves as a “stop-line” for pedestrians. To highlight these crossings to pedestrian and motorists, bollards with highly reflective sheeting are used. Homogeneous tactile tiles are also installed at crossings for pedestrians who are visually handicapped.
  2. Please refer to the Annex for a list of Silver Zone road safety initiatives and the layout of the Silver Zone at Bukit Merah View.
  3. After Bukit Merah View, the Silver Zone in Jurong West will be completed by early 2015. Silver Zones in Yishun and Bedok will be ready by the first quarter of 2015, and Marine Parade by the first quarter of 2016.

[1]The sites are located in five towns, namely Bukit Merah, Jurong West, Bedok, Marine Parade and Yishun.


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