New Reserved Seat Designs in Trains Send the Right Signal

News Releases 26 Feb 2014 Downtown Line (DTL) reserved seats graciousness

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) installed new reserved seat designs in the new DTL1 trains that went into service in December 2013 to encourage commuters to give up their seats whenever someone else needs it more than they do. The seat designs are just one of three new initiatives for the new DTL1 to improve commuting experience. Besides the seats designs, LTA is also testing out new queue lines and ambient music at the stations. All three ideas came from commuters in a study of more than 1,000 commuters conducted by LTA and the Singapore Kindness Movement between February and July 2013.

2.    LTA invited commuters to vote for their favourite seat design by SMS or Facebook and received a total of 2,168 votes during the 6-week voting period. The most popular design received about 33% of the votes, and the least popular design more than 18% of the votes.

3.   “We were pleasantly surprised to see how evenly distributed the voting was, telling us the voters like all four designs. In fact, many commuters said they would like all four designs to be installed. And so we are happy to use all four designs,” said Ms Tammie Loke, Group Director, Corporate Communications.  Please refer to Annex  for the four designs and votes received.

4.   Based on a straw poll conducted in February 2014, 8 in 10 felt that the new designs were effective in reminding commuters to give up their seats.

5.   LTA will install all four designs on the DTL trains by end March 2014 and on all subsequent new DTL trains.

6.   LTA will continue to monitor the effectiveness of the new reserved seats designs as well as the other two initiatives on DTL1 for a year, before deciding if they should be introduced to other MRT lines.

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