Joint News Release by the Land Transport Authority & SG Enable - New Public Transport Concession Scheme for Persons With Disablities

News Releases 03 Mar 2014 concession fares

Persons with Disablities Can Check Their Eligibility and
Apply for the Scheme with SG Enable

1.      The Public Transport concession for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) was announced in January 2014. Under the new concession scheme, PWDs will enjoy 25% discount off adult fares and will not have to pay additional fares for distances beyond 7.2km. On top of this, PWDs can opt to buy a Monthly Concession Pass with unlimited bus and train rides at $60 per month. PWDs can now log on to SG Enable’s website ( to check if they are automatically eligible for the concession scheme.

2.      Persons with permanent disabilities who are beneficiaries of existing disability schemes and services and/or service users of relevant Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs); or attend Special Education (SPED) schools operated by a VWO will be automatically eligible for the scheme. The eligibility criteria and details of the concession scheme are in Annex A.

3.      All PWDs who are automatically eligible will receive a notification letter from SG Enable in March 2014. This will be followed by an application package from the Land Transport Authority (LTA) in April 2014 with instructions on how to apply for their personalised PWD concession card that will entitle them to the discounted public transport fares.

4.      Other PWDs who are currently not automatically eligible may apply for the concession scheme through SG Enable. If they are assessed to be eligible, SG Enable will apply to TransitLink for the concession card on behalf of the PWD. Applicants will need to submit one of the following supporting documents to indicate permanent disability:

  1. Latest Doctor’s Memo; or

  2. VWO Verification Form endorsed by VWOs providing disability programmes and services, indicating that the PWD is affiliated with the VWO; or

  3. Functional Assessment Report endorsed by a General Practitioner (for those with physical disabilities and have not undergone assessment previously).  

5.      Applications can be submitted to SG Enable via hardcopy forms1, or online. Eligible PWDs who submit their applications by 30 April 2014 will receive the personalised concession card before 6 July 2014 (i.e. when the PWD concession scheme takes effect). Applications received after 30 April 2014 will be processed within two months. Please refer to Annex B for the workflow of the application process.

Interim Financial Assistance

6.      All PWDs who are eligible for the concession scheme before 6 July 2014 will also receive an interim financial assistance of $80 from the Government. They will receive the notification of the interim financial assistance from LTA. This is to help defray the PWD’s travel expenditure for the three months between the date the revised fares take effect and the effective date of the PWD concession scheme (i.e. for the period 6 April 2014 to 5 July 2014). The interim financial assistance will not be available to PWDs who are eligible after 5 July 2014.  

7.      The interim financial assistance can be credited into any travel card at any TransitLink Ticket Office, Concession Card Replacement Office or Add Value Machine and can be claimed up to 31 December 2014.

8.      PWDs who require assistance with the application for the concession scheme can call SG Enable’s Info-line at 1800 8585 885 or email

Annex A – Details of the Public Transport Concession for Persons with Disabilities
Annex B – Application Process for Persons with Disabilities

1) All forms can be downloaded from SG Enable’s website at Hardcopies may be obtained from SG Enable’s office or from VWOs providing services and programmes for PWDs.

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