Overall Public Transport Satisfaction in 2013 Similar to 2012

News Releases 11 Mar 2014 Public Transport Customer Satisfaction Survey (PTCSS) Committee of Supply (COS) bus services Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP)

Satisfaction with Bus Services Up Two Percentage Points

  1. About 9 in 10, or 88.5% of commuters surveyed, expressed satisfaction with Singapore’s public transport services based on the 2013 Public Transport Customer Satisfaction Survey (PTCSS) conducted by SIM University[1]. This is similar to the 88.8% satisfaction level in 2012.

Highlights of survey findings

  1. For bus services, customer satisfaction rose two percentage points from 86.4% in 2012 to 88.3%, with most key service attributes registering improvements. Waiting time saw the biggest jump in satisfaction from 54.2% to 61.5%. This is the first break in downward trend in satisfaction with bus services since 2010.This is likely due to the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP), which has raised bus capacity and service quality. As of 11 March 2014, more than 300 new BSEP buses have been rolled out, with crowding reduced on 125 bus services and 24 new routes implemented, in part augmented with resources from private bus operators. 
  2. On the other hand, satisfaction with MRT services dipped from 92.1% in 2012 to 88.9%, due mainly to lower customer satisfaction with waiting time, reliability, travel time and customer service.
  3. With the concerted efforts to improve public transport services, despite a 2.6% increase in daily public transport journeys in 2013, nearly 2 in 3 (61.4%) of respondents felt that public transport had improved from the year before.

Enhancing service levels of public transport

  1. LTA will continue to work closely with the PTOs to improve train service reliability and incident management. In 2013, we reduced the number of train delays longer than five minutes by 20% on average across the whole MRT network, from 1.49 delays for every 100,000 kilometres travelled in 2012, to 1.18 in 2013. Train withdrawal rates for the North South East West Line (NSEWL) have also fallen, from 3.32 per 100,000 kilometres travelled in 2012, to 2.25 in 2013, a 30% improvement. Likewise, we have seen a more than 25% reduction in train withdrawal rates from 2012 to 2013 for both the North East Line (NEL) and the Circle Line (CCL). Please refer to the LTA website for the latest statistics on service disruptions for our MRT and LRT systems.
  2. We are also upgrading the rail infrastructure to improve reliability. In 2014, the NSEWL’s third rail system will undergo a full, system-wide change-out. Several key infrastructure projects such as the replacement of timber sleepers and upgrading of the signaling system are currently ongoing. We will also be improving the NEL’s overhead power system with new corrosion-resistant materials, to minimize the recurrence of stress-corrosion cracking in its components. Both operators will also adopt a new “predict and prevent” approach to their respective maintenance regimes where they will actively monitor the condition of their rail assets and take pre-emptive steps to optimize the performance of the assets over their life-cycles.
  3. Commuters can also expect more frequent and less crowded buses as well as better connectivity as the BSEP is implemented progressively. To help improve en-route bus regularity, and reduce instances of bus bunching and prolonged waiting times, LTA had launched a 2-year trial of the Bus Service Reliability Framework for 22 bus services. As of 11 March 2014, 11 bus services are already on the BSRF, with the remaining 11 services to be on the programme within the next three months.

Annex A:  Details of PTCSS 2013

[1] This is an annual survey, usually conducted around October of each year, and aims to understand commuters’ expectations and needs, as well as identify areas for improvement.


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