Taxi Customer Satisfaction Survey 2013

News Releases 11 Mar 2014 Committee of Supply (COS) Taxi Customer Satisfaction Survey (TCSS)

Commuters generally satisfied with taxi services amid sharply-rising expectations

  1. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has conducted a Taxi Customer Satisfaction Survey (TCSS) to gauge satisfaction levels for taxi services as well as to understand commuters’ expectations and identify areas for improvement. Overall, 95.6% of respondents to the survey conducted from August to September 2013[1] said they were satisfied with taxi services in Singapore, even as expectations rose sharply.

Highlights of Survey Results  

  1. Taxi commuters were surveyed on a total of eight service attributes. 95.9% and 95.2% were satisfied with the safety of taxi services and taxi driver’s route knowledge respectively. Other attributes that fared well include ride comfort (94.3%); customer service provided by the driver (93.5%); taxi stand accessibility (87.8%); and service information (85.1%). However, commuters indicated waiting time (82.8%) and taxi booking (66.3%) as areas that required further improvement. More information on the TCSS 2013 may be found in Annex A.
  2. Taxi commuters were also asked to indicate the importance of the eight service attributes to them on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being “Not important at all” and 10 being “Very important”. All eight attributes were rated at or above 9 in 2013, compared to just one attribute that was rated above 9 in a previous test-run of the survey in 2012, reflecting both high and rising commuter expectations.
  3. Overall, nearly half (46%) of respondents felt that taxi services had improved from a year ago. This could be due to targeted measures such as the Taxi Availability (TA) standards implemented in 2013.

More Taxis on the Roads in 2013

  1. Since the implementation of the TA standards, more taxis have been on the roads to serve commuters in 2013 compared to 2012. More taxi booking jobs have been catered to despite the increase in call bookings, and the number of two-shift taxis has also increased.

Table 1: More Taxis on the Roads to Serve Commuters


Prior to TA


With TA


Total taxi fleet on the roads during peak periods



Total taxi fleet plying at least 250km daily



Total taxi fleet on two-shift



Average taxi booking cater rate



Enhancing Taxi Service Levels

  1. In addition to the TA framework, which is in its second year of implementation with tighter standards to further improve taxi availability, LTA is looking at other initiatives to improve waiting time for taxis and taxi booking service experience.
  2. To shorten waiting times at taxi stands, LTA will conduct a one-year taxi information system trial at five taxi stands from the second half of this year. This will allow LTA to leverage on technology to monitor and provide real-time information on commuter demand at the stands, and enable taxi companies to alert their drivers about locations with high demand. These five taxi stands are located at Lucky Plaza, Paragon Shopping Centre, OG Building (Upper Cross Street), International Plaza and Hitachi Towers.
  3. LTA will also enhance taxi information posters at taxi stands by including a Quick Response (QR) code that allows commuters to view and compare waiting times at nearby taxi stands when scanned with their smartphones. Commuters may then choose to proceed to an alternative taxi stand in their vicinity if the demand at a particular taxi stand is high.
  4. To facilitate better matching of commuter demand and taxi supply, LTA is currently consulting stakeholders on third-party taxi applications and reviewing its regulatory framework. More details will be shared when ready.

Annex A:  Details of TCSS 2013

[1] The survey was conducted by Media Research Consultants Pte Ltd from 24 August to 7 September 2013. 1,216 regular taxi commuters aged 15 years and above were interviewed at 19 taxi stands island-wide during both peak and off-peak periods as well as across different days of the week.

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