CCTVs at 10 Locations to Deter Illegal Parking from 14 April 2014

News Releases 04 Apr 2014 illegal parking CCTV system

1.       From 14 April 2014, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) will activate Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras at 10 locations to enforce against illegal parking. LTA had earlier identified 30 locations to implement CCTV cameras to enforce against illegal parking and improve traffic conditions. LTA will progressively install CCTV cameras at the remaining 20 locations, which are targeted to be operational by end-2014.

2.       The expansion of the CCTV coverage follows the successful trial along Beach Road (in front of Golden Mile Complex), and at Marine Parade Central (in front of Parkway Parade Shopping Centre). The use of CCTVs has proven to be effective in deterring illegal parking, which has helped to improve traffic flow in the area.

3.       The 30 identified locations are public roads distributed across the island, and they are generally selected based on the following considerations:

a.   A high incidence of illegal parking, typically daily and throughout the day.

b.   The illegal parking situation impedes the smooth movement of public buses, particularly where the roads serve a high number of public bus services.

c.   The illegal parking raises safety concerns for pedestrians and road users and leads to chronic traffic congestion.

d.   High concentration of pedestrian movement such as in the CBD, or proximity to popular malls, amenities and eateries.

4.       Please refer to Annexes A and B for the list of the 30 locations and where they are distributed island-wide.

5.       The CCTVs will be operational 24 hours daily. Prominent signs will be put up in the monitoring zones to remind motorists against parking illegally. Please refer to Annex C for photos of the CCTV camera and signage. Motorists are encouraged to observe parking regulations to ensure safe and smooth traffic conditions.

6.       LTA will continue to monitor the effectiveness of the CCTVs after implementation and review the need for expansion to other areas.

Annex A:  List of 30 locations selected for installation of CCTVs
Annex B:  Geographical distribution of CCTVs
Annex C:  Photos of the CCTV camera and signage

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